Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 685

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“Are you sure?” Julian seemed to still be in a daze. “It was Diana who saved me?”

“Yes,” Oliver replied. “It wasn’t my first time meeting her. I gave her a sweet potato at Yale Village.”

Her face was flushed a bright red-he remembered it clearly.

Her eyes were bright and glistening as they stared wide- eyed at him.

Oliver remembered that look for many years to come.

As it turned out, Yale Village was where their intertwined destinies began.

And Julian was the last to find out.

‘Then… What’s with Kayla Winnington?”

“She’s an imposter.” Oliver’s voice was laced with disdain at the mention of that woman. “She’s
addicted to being an imposter, and leveraged on her resemblance with Diana to do many wicked

When Julian woke up at that time, he did notice a slight difference between Kayla’s figure and that of
the person who saved him.

However, he didn’t think too much of it.

When one was suffering from high fever, unclear vision and being unable to see people around was
absolutely normal.

Given what Kayla said, he naturally took it for granted that she was his savior.

It was a huge debt that the Fulcher family owed.

And yet, they had been repaying the debt to the wrong person!

Had he known this, he wouldn’t have gotten himself involved with Kayla for so many years!

He almost lost Diana in the process, too.

But why… Why didn’t she tell him the truth?

Oliver was indeed the only person in the business world who had the ability to come to a draw with

“Diana probably didn’t tell you the truth because she thought that although she saved you, in actual
fact, you had

indirectly saved her and given her the strength to live on.”

Oliver was using the fact that Julian and Diana saved each other to hint that their so-called love wasn’t
pure and was mixed with feelings of gratitude.

“So, Julian, can you still tell me with full confidence that you two will get remarried? If Diana’s
remarrying you not

because of love but only because she feels grateful for how you two saved each other, will you still be
willing to remarry her?”

Oliver’s tone was aggressive and pushy.

He didn’t want to give Julian any time to think.

Thankfully, Julian was no ordinary man and quickly sensed Oliver’s intentions. “So what?

Gratitude in itself is a form of affection.

Who said that two people can get married only if they share pure love?

If there’s gratitude between us, it might even serve to strengthen the foundation of our marriage.”

In a tone of one who was superior and more experienced, Julian declared, “Love and marriage are two
different things.”

People in love only needed to hold each other’s hands, kiss, hug, and share meals-and all that would
make an amazing relationship.

But that wasn’t so in marriage.

Marriage involved each other’s families.

It also involved children and each other’s lives.

So what even if Diana never told him the truth, and that she was just grateful that he gave her the
courage to go on living?

As long as they were together, it was fine.

Be it feelings of gratitude or love, as long as Diana was willing to remarry him, Julian was willing to do
the same. That would be infinitely better than Oliver and his sour grapes attitude.

Perhaps it was the look in Julian’s eyes that infuriated Oliver.

Seething, he snarled, “You’re clearly a neat freak, but why aren’t you one when it comes to matters of

Julian burst out laughing. “Do you know me very well?”

The one who understood him the most was himself!

Of course, if his wife wanted to understand him, he was willing to undress and give her all the time she
needed to explore and discover him.

She could pore through him as if he were a book, page by page, cover to cover, for her entire life!

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