Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 684

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Julian looked at Oliver in shock. “What do you mean by that?”

Oliver went all out, as he pulled out a napkin and wiped his face. “Seems like you don’t know that
Diana saved you once before.”

Julian looked as if someone had just punched in the face.” She saved me once?”

Wasn’t it Kayla who saved him?

In his daze, the memory of Diana mentioning Yale Village when Kayla kidnapped her and letting them
call each other flashed past his mind at that instant.

This concerned Diana.

At that moment, Julian was genuinely flustered.

He didn’t care whether Oliver had the upper hand right now, and simply blurted out in a panic, “Yale
Village… She had been to Yale Village before?”

If Oliver weren’t around, he would’ve rushed out and ran to Diana, and asked her what this was all

Why did she mention Yale Village that day?

And why didn’t she mention it again at all after that one time?

A vague thought flashed past his mind, but he was unable to pin it down.

He could only pin his hopes on Oliver. At the sight of Oliver remaining mum, he furrowed his brow in
frustration. He was on the verge of rushing out of the study to find Diana.

Oliver could sense his intentions, and finally said, “Yes, she was the girl who saved you from the cave
in Yale Village.”

How could that be?!

Wasn’t Kayla the one who saved him?

Julian had treated her as his savior all along.

If that weren’t the case, Julian, who was never interested in women, wouldn’t have deliberately gotten
so close to Kayla.

Everything that happened subsequently wouldn’t have happened.

Diana wouldn’t have been hurt, too!

But now, Oliver said that Diana was the one who saved him- not Kayla.

Why didn’t Diana tell him about this?!

A crack appeared in Julian’s usual tough and hard demeanor. He was truly shocked and confused.

Julian’s shocked expression was precisely what Oliver wanted.

Before he said what he said, he was betting on his guess.

At this moment, he knew that he had won the bet.

Diana really didn’t tell Julian the truth.

“I figured it out myself,” Oliver said. “Diana said that she saved you, but in actual fact, you had also
saved her.”

At that time, the young Diana thought that she was incapable of anything.

No one showed her any care or concern.

She was fully intending to die, just like any other flower or blade of grass on earth.

Oliver gave her sweet potato, whereas Julian gave her the chance to save someone’s life.

Because of that, she understood she actually had the power to save someone’s life.

She carried that boy with all her might, giving him all the warmth she could and trying her best to lower
his body temperature. She did everything she could to become his savior.

In many subsequent moments after the incident, each time Diana recalled how she once saved
someone’s life, it was a reminder to her that there was meaning in her living in this world.

In fact, at Yale Village, Julian and Diana had saved each other’s lives.

Oliver would use this fact to his advantage.

After he came around and thought things through, he knew he had to do all he could to attack Julian.

He couldn’t just depend on Simon.

Now, isn’t the sight of Julian looking all baffled a sign of his success?

Oliver pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Julian’s punch still hurt, but he no longer
cared about the pain. After all, psychologically speaking, he had the upper hand. “She had always been

thankful that she saved you back then.”

He even added, “So I’m not sure if she’s remarrying you because she’s grateful for saving you, which
led her to stop seeking death, or because she loves you wholeheartedly.”

One was gratitude, the other was pure love.

The difference was vast.

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