Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 683

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Oliver’s heart hardened with determination.

He looked calmly at Julian, with no intention of stopping the latter from recording their conversation.

He knew that any struggle would simply be in vain.

Diana probably sensed his real character by now.

The thought made Julian’s lips arch in a smile. His fingers landed on the chair with self-assured
confidence. “Are you here to apologize, or to plead for me to show the Channings mercy?”


Oliver knew Julian. Even if he were to plead with him, Julian would never agree to it.

It was because he had made a move on Diana.

Julian would never let it go.

“I admit defeat,” Oliver said. “I lost to you this time, and I’m willing to bear the consequences. As for an
apology…” He paused for a moment, as conflict flashed past his eyes. ” Even if I were to apologize, it
wouldn’t be for this.”

He had figured things out.

Anyone had the right to pursue happiness and ambitions.

How could he give up on what he wanted, just because he shared a past with Julian?

No matter from the angle he looked at the issue from, Oliver had used Diana to scheme against Julian
because he wanted to fight for what he wanted.

Julian never expected him to be so shameless.

He was about to flare up when Oliver said something even more infuriating. “But I still wish to

Julian’s anger was mildly appeased, and for the first time, couldn’t figure out what tricks Oliver was
hiding up his sleeves.

The next moment, the urge to hit someone arose swiftly in his chest.

Because Oliver said, “I apologize only for breaking my promise.”

When did he break his promise?

“I shouldn’t have pretended to have let things go and given you my blessings at the hospital. I shouldn’t
have claimed that I’ve let go of my feelings for her.” He took a deep breath, and fixed his gaze firmly on
Julian without any intention of retreating. “In actual fact, I can’t let her go.”

He finally added, “I still want her.”


Julian shot up like an arrow at once and grabbed Oliver’s collar, the veins popping up on his forehead.
“Say that again!”

“I,” Oliver repeated himself, “want her.”


Julian’s fist landed on Oliver’s face.

Oliver wasn’t able to dodge the attack, and suffered a terrible blow.

Julian was incredibly strong, and his movements were fast and furious. Very soon, Oliver’s face and
body were all covered in bruises. “Damn you!”

He was so angry, he couldn’t help but curse out loud.

“I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time now!”

Ever since Julian confirmed that it really was Oliver who sent Diana to the Pabians, he wished he could
smash the man’s face into a bloody pulp!

But each time, he would recall how Oliver helped Diana deal with Luke on the train, and that always
managed to make him suppress that desire.


How dare he declare that he wanted Diana so boldly before Julian!

“What?” Oliver spat out the blood in his mouth and glared ruthlessly at Julian. ‘You two are divorced.
We’re all single right now. Why can’t I want her? Why can’t I pursue her?”

The word “divorce” pierced through Julian’s heart.

While Julian was zoning out, his grip growing loose, Oliver seized the chance to shove him hard and
stand up from the ground. “Don’t forget, Julian Fulcher. You’re the one who asked for a divorce.”

Back then, Diana had been in such misery.

Did Julian forget all that?


But he and Diana were still deeply in love with each other. Fate had played tricks on them, leading him
to commit acts he truly regretted.

After he made clear his feelings for her, he stopped whatever he was doing just in time.

He divorced Diana simply because he wanted to do what she wanted, and provide her with some
comfort after they lost their babies.

After a long while, Julian didn’t make any further moves. In the end, he said, “No matter what happened
in the past, we’re going to get remarried very soon.”

In other words, Oliver shouldn’t have any designs on another man’s wife.

Oliver didn’t seem to care much for that, as he burst out laughing. “Remarry? Hah! Are you sure
Diana’s remarrying you because she loves you?”

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