Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 682

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His hands subconsciously clenched into fists.

His father was right.

He wanted Diana.

He wanted her desperately.

To the point that just by hearing her laughing with Julian, he felt jealous beyond anything.

When he heard them planning on getting remarried, he wished he could rush in and take Diana by the
lips and claim her as his!

Noel stood at a corner of the kitchen, and glanced outside. Out of so many people in the kitchen, he
was the only one who dared to speak up and remind Julian.

“Sir, Mr. Channing is here.”

The moment Diana heard Noel’s announcement, the smile on her face vanished and she immediately
turned solemn.

Ever since Julian showed her the evidence that proved that Oliver wasn’t the man she thought him to
be, she had been feeling confused and conflicted.

She tried not to think about it.

But the time had eventually come for her to face the music.

Diana glanced at Julian, wanting to clean his face up.

However, Julian stopped her. “It’s fine just like that.”

From the angle he was standing at, he had long sensed Oliver’s approach.

He wanted Oliver to see the flour on his face, because that was one of his and Diana’s expressions of
love for each other.

Diana, on the other hand, thought he said so because they were running out of time. She never
considered the possibility that Julian could be vengeful to such a petty extent.

She simply wiped his face cursorily a few times before saying, “Go ahead. Don’t forget to record the

They had agreed to record the conversation between Julian and Oliver today.

Diana had to hear it for herself one more time before she could force herself to accept reality.

To accept that the warm, kind-hearted man who extended help to her so many times wasn’t as good as
she thought him to be.

Julian nodded. “Don’t worry.”

He, of all people, wished to settle this love rival of his once and for all.

Especially one who was downright deplorable yet so capable at acting.

Even he himself appreciated and admired Oliver in the past.

That was why he could hand his own life to Oliver and let the man operate on him. Not only did Julian
trust Oliver, but he even approved of Oliver’s passion in medicine and wanted to use his name to help
Oliver build a reputation in the medical field.

In the end…

Oliver ended up being a wicked man.

Julian admitted that it was his own fault for misjudging Oliver’s character, and for assuming that Oliver
wasn’t interested in business. The man was simply…too good at hiding his true desires.

If it weren’t for his keen observation, Fulcher Inc. would have made a huge loss this time round.

The thought made his eyes turn cold as he looked up at Oliver.

He thought again of how Oliver had plotted for Diana to be brought to the Pabians and was put in the
same room as Luke’s funeral picture, and it made frustration grow in his chest. The chill in his eyes
began spreading across his entire face.

In comparison to Julian, Oliver appeared much more relaxed.

“Sit.” Julian didn’t even bother pouring Oliver a glass of water, and simply led him to his study.

The moment both men sat down, Julian flipped open his recorder pen.

A red light started blinking on the pen. Doubt flashed past Oliver’s eyes as he looked at it.

Julian didn’t even consider recording the conversation in secret or hiding it from Oliver. Although the
warm and kind- hearted Oliver who turned out to be a sham was his love rival whom he would get
jealous of, Julian was never worried about losing to Oliver.

Now that he had exposed Oliver’s true colors, all the more he didn’t need to worry about any sort of
threat that Oliver might pose.

“It’s Diana who wants me to record our conversation down.”

Julian was practically asking for a beating with his explanation.

Still, it clearly revealed how he was brimming with confidence.

Naturally, Oliver could sense Julian’s attitude.

Things between them had been like this since they were young. There was one time they finally came
to a tie in a business competition. Yet, it didn’t stop Julian from holding his head high and telling Oliver,
“Oliver Channing, well done this time.”

Be it the look in his eyes or the tone of his voice, it exuded superiority and seniority.

On the surface, it looked as if Julian was encouraging Oliver.

But he clearly despised Oliver from the depths of his heart.

Memories he had buried deep in his heart, so much that they shouldn’t resurface, started bubbling up
at the sight of the blinking red light on the recording pen.

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