Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 679

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From then on, he would show no mercy to the Channings.

Just then, Noel called him. “Sir.”

There was no need for Julian to hide his relationship with Diana right now. He had no fear of others
seeing them stand next to each other like this. With that in mind, he hung his suit over his arm and
tidied up Diana’s slightly tousled hair. The solemn look on her face told him that she was still unable to
accept such a huge change in Oliver.

Julian could only say that Oliver had put on an excellent disguise in the past.

So excellent, Diana believed wholeheartedly that he was a warm and kind person.

Julian wasn’t in a rush for Diana to accept such a sudden and mind-boggling change.

Whatever it was, he had the facts and evidence at hand. Plus, he no longer needed to worry that Diana
would stop him from dealing with Oliver.

Noel’s voice was tinged with awkwardness. “Sir, Oliver Channing found me out…”

That didn’t come as a surprise to Julian.

Noel had already accomplished his mission by taking the photo and recording the exchange.

He was dealing with a cunning man like Oliver Channing, after all. It would be strange if he wasn’t
found out.

“It’s all right,” Julian said. “Tell him to come and see me.”

Hearing his boss’s usual domineering tone, Noel felt confidence surge through his veins. He
immediately understood his assignment.

Very soon, he turned passivity into initiative. He turned to Oliver and said firmly, “Mr. Channing, my
boss is free in the afternoon both tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You may visit him during that

Oliver was stunned. “At the villa?”


It was merely a day away from the new year. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Julian might very
well be at home, but Diana would probably be at home, too.

Was Julian intending to expose his schemes and filthy work right in front of Diana?

Oliver shut his eyes tight. He knew the things between him and Diana…

Were no longer impossible!

His heart was in great pain. The feeling of giving up all hope and giving up his affections for her weren’t
the same.

Yet now, Julian was going all out to tell Oliver that even if he could scheme against Fulcher Inc. within
such a short period of time-something many could only dream of doing

-he was still no match for Julian.

That man…

Was way too conniving. He could always see through everything at just one glance.

Oliver slumped dejectedly on the chair, and looked at Kenneth. “I told you, Dad. I said I can’t beat

Now that things had come to this point, they had suffered heavy losses even before their plan had
taken off.

Not only did Julian turn the tide in the stock market such that they couldn’t benefit from it at all, but
Fulcher Inc. even managed to bite a huge chunk off the Channings.

The timing was calculated perfectly.

It happened right after Noel sent Julian the photo of the stock market moving in a new direction.

As for the spies that Oliver had planted in Julian’s company…

Under Julian’s heavy-handedness, they had unknowingly received false information.

That was why the Channings and the Pabians excitedly bid for a piece of land they initially thought was
highly valuable. Now, he didn’t even need to dig further to know that such a thing was false information
that Julian had deliberately released.

Fortunately, the Channings were still able to handle the loss.

The Pabians, on the other hand, were completely bankrupted by that wrong move.

Even before Clifford had a chance to step out of the gate of the Channings’ residence, he ended up
being carted to jail by the police under suspicion for killing his own son.

He was the only person left among the Pabians who was capable of achieving anything. Without him
around, it spelled utter doom for the entire Pabian family.

“He’s too vicious!” Kenneth ran his hand over his beard and lamented, “He’s also fast and furious…”

He had lost.

He was also completely convinced in his defeat.

“As much as things have come to this point, it’s not that we haven’t gained anything at all.”

Oliver looked up at his father in shock. “What in the world did we gain?”

‘The gain is that…” Kenneth tapped open the text Simon sent him and clicked on the photo attached.
‘This woman, Diana Winnington, is indeed very important to Julian, as you’ve said.”

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