Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 680

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For Diana to be able to make Julian go all out in getting hold of evidence, and then finally making a
decisive move on the Channings and the Pabians…

It clearly showed his deep concern regarding her feelings for him. In fact, he was worried she couldn’t
accept his explanation, and wouldn’t believe how Oliver had changed into someone so conniving.

He was worried there would be a chasm in his relationship with her, that Oliver or Clifford might
assume they have a hold over him by hurting her.

He even went out of his way to put up an act with her at the Pabians’ residence, as if they were having
a big fight.

The mighty Julian Fulcher, of all people, set aside his pride to act for the garbage that was Clifford
Pabian-all for Diana’s sake.

It was completely unlike his usual self.

“It’s a pity he doesn’t go into acting.” Kenneth smiled as he regarded Oliver. “Don’t you agree?”

But wasn’t life nothing but a huge act?

Kenneth looked at Oliver slumped over dejectedly, and prodded him. “Don’t you want that woman,
Diana Winnington?”

The photo Simon snapped was clear for all to see.

Oliver had feelings for Diana.

“I’ve already decided to let her go.” Oliver could sense the ill intentions in his father’s greasy words.
The guilt that was already in his heart grew and festered ever more. “She should just stay with Julian
and lead her life well.”

This incident proved that Julian had the ability to protect Diana well.

“Oliver.” It was Kenneth’s first time seeing his son lacking the courage to look straight at him. He
suddenly burst out laughing. ‘You’re actually quite the impressive actor yourself!”

For so many years, Oliver had acted as if he had neither ambition nor desire.

As if all he wanted to do was to be a doctor and save lives.

It was all a sham!

The truth was, he had been defeated by Julian many times. At the successor training event in the past,
he was unable to beat Julian despite multiple attempts. Each time, his schemes against Julian would
end up failing just like they did now. He would always come close to beating, only to fumble at the last

Oliver was scared.

Over the years, he kept telling himself that he didn’t care for business. Even when he met Julian’s
woman and grew a liking for her, he had to force himself to bury his feelings and pretend to be able to
let things go.

In actual fact, his ambition was still burning brightly in him.

Kenneth had seen through Oliver. Just like an old fox guiding a pup how to seize a prey, he started
tempting his son. ‘You still have a chance with that woman.”

Something at the bottom of Oliver’s heart started coming to life, growing swiftly.

Oliver couldn’t help but shoot back. “What chance?”

“A chance to beat Julian Fulcher.”

He wanted to beat Julian just once-even if it was just a minor victory.

He wanted to see that Julian wasn’t indestructible.

He wanted to see for himself that Julian wasn’t an omniscient being, and was just a human like him.

As long as he could see that, Oliver would be able to bounce back to his feet.

He would then naturally have the motivation to continue fighting Julian for Diana’s heart.

Sometimes, women were trouble. However, they could also be the best catalyst for moving along in the
path ahead.

Seeing Oliver in a daze, Kenneth chuckled. “Did you forget who Simon really is? This time, don’t forget
to tell him to follow you to see Julian at the villa.”

Old was gold indeed.

That was when Oliver finally understood.

Kenneth never really held out much hope in him joining hands with the Pabians to scheme against

The old fox was simply using the incident to make Oliver face up to his own ambitions; to care about
the rise and fall of the Channing family, to have the willingness to succeed his position as heir, and to

keep the family business going. That was Kenneth’s ultimate goal.

As for Simon Channing…

He was the weapon that would assist Oliver in regaining his confidence—the blade Oliver would wield
to pierce right through Julian!

The next day, it was the final day of the year.

The new year was right around the corner.

Julian was at home.

Diana woke up early in the morning, and oversaw the kitchen in preparing a sumptuous breakfast feast
of pastries.

Pastries were a staple during celebrations, and were an absolute necessity on the first day of the new

As such, during this time every year, pastries of different fillings would cover every inch of the dining

Nina, who sustained during Lina Jennings’ banquet, dared not return home for fear her parents might
find out what had happened to her. She had ultimately decided to stay in Richburgh to celebrate the
new year.

As for Vans…

The thought of him filled Diana with disappointment.

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