Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 678

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Only by making a move on Diana would Oliver stand a chance of effectively distracting Julian.

He made a move on Fulcher Inc.’s share prices when Diana was brought to the Pabians.

Oliver assumed that with Julian’s attention split in many different directions, the latter wouldn’t be able
to do much about the spies lurking within Fulcher Inc.

At the same time, he could take advantage of Julian’s distraction and continue sending spies into
Fulcher Inc., thereby emptying out all of the company’s confidential information.

Yet, he forgot that Diana herself was very clever.

What was more, she believed Julian with all her heart.

Even when she was scared out of her wits during her imprisonment at the Pabians’, she never gave up
hope that Julian would come looking for her the moment he returned from his business trip.

But right now, Diana was rather confused. “Why must you bring Oliver into this?”

She simply couldn’t figure it out. “Even though he no longer fancies me, there’s no reason for him to go
to such extreme measures just to retaliate.”

Given the kind of man Clifford Pabian was, it would be no surprise if he did anything vicious to her
during her little visit at his residence.

Oliver wasn’t such a ruthless person.

It seemed Diana wouldn’t believe the things Julian said.

This was exactly what he was afraid of.

It was why he wanted to wait till everything was water-tight before breaking the news to her.

And right now was the perfect time.

Julian looked at the photo that Noel sent to him. He pulled open the suit, so that both of them were
once again exposed to the outside air. “It’s confirmed.”

His eyes were dark as granite. “Look.”

He showed the photo to Diana.

“I just returned to Richburgh yesterday, and then we parted ways at the Pabians’ residence. And today,
an internal conflict arose among them when they met”

The photo of the three of them meeting was no big deal. Neither could it reveal much of the truth, nor
could it verify Julian’s guess.

Thankfully, Noel had always been reliable. He had sent a voice recording as well.

The recorded exchange confirmed that Julian’s assumption was correct.

“Did you forget how Oliver dealt with you and I? When we were younger, and when we exchanged
blows with each other, I saw through each and every single one of his moves.”

The moment Julian noticed that a spy had been planted in Fulcher Inc., he knew Oliver had made a

He went a step further, convinced that Diana might be in danger.

Oliver used to treat Diana well, so Julian didn’t think he would stoop so low.

When he rushed to the Pabians’ residence, and saw Luke’s funeral picture and Diana trapped in one

He couldn’t deny that he had the urge to kill Oliver at that very moment.

However, he couldn’t.

Because to Diana, Oliver was still a good man.

He couldn’t bear to upset Diana because of this incident, especially when he had no evidence at hand.

As for Diana, she was still in disbelief about what she had just heard.

Memories of Oliver’s smile, like that of a warm spring breeze, flashed past her mind. She recalled how
Oliver saved her from Luke the first time they met. He bought her milk tea, and even operated on

Whatever it was, Diana found it hard to believe. “Oliver can’t possibly…be so despicable.”

Despicable to the point of making a move on her.

‘You heard it from the voice recording.” Julian’s eyes turned chilly. “What part of it do you not believe?”

Oliver wanted to show Clifford and Simon how important Diana was to Julian by inviting Diana to the
Pabians’ residence as a guest.

But at that time…

Julian was away on a business trip, and it was for a huge project that was household news.

Yet, he disregarded it all and rushed back on the first flight he could book.

His immediate return demonstrated his care for Diana, making it obvious for Oliver and the rest that
using her was key in dealing with him and Fulcher Inc.

It was a good plan.

Despite that, Oliver should have never made a move on Diana.

The moment Oliver did, all the appreciation and sympathy Julian felt for him-he couldn’t succeed his
family, or be a proper businessman-completely vanished. Rather, those feelings gave way to pure

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