Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 677

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He was such a proud man.

He probably had never felt such indignation in his entire life.

Yet, he had to receive a slap from her in public.

“How could I ever be angry with you?” Julian was in high spirits. “As long as you’re not upset with me,
I’m fine with you slapping me as much as you wish. The circumstances forced me to say those awful
things to you yesterday, and…”

“I know,” Diana cut him off. “Clifford has a hold over you. You can’t show him that we have a good
relationship. Not only would I be in danger, but it’d also add more burden to you.”

Julian was shocked to hear it. “Where in the world did you get that from?”

Diana grinned cheekily. “I guessed correctly, didn’t I? The moment Simon invited me to see the
Pabians, I knew what was on their mind. Since they don’t intend to harm me and Clifford has no desire
to avenge his son, they’re definitely trying to sound me out.

But what impact and threat would I, a woman who owns a tiny studio, pose?

They just wanted to gauge my importance to you in order to threaten you in the future.”

After getting kidnapped by Kayla, Diana had grown to be

very careful in matters like these. She knew Julian wasn’t an ordinary person, and was determined not
to be his Achilles’ heel.

At the very least, not in front of outsiders.

When she confirmed it was Julian who rushed into the room last night, she decided to enact a little
drama with him-one involving the two of them in discord.

Nevertheless, she didn’t expect him to blurt out the truth before she could.

The moment he did, all her guesses were confirmed.

After all, Julian couldn’t bear to utter a harsh word to her unless forced by unfortunate circumstances.

Having listened to her, Julian burst out laughing. “Oh, Diana! How terrible am I in your eyes?”

Diana didn’t understand what he meant. “Huh?”

“Do you really think trash like Clifford Pabian can threaten me and have a hold over me?” As he went
on, he gazed at her with a hurt look. “Was that why you didn’t resist at all when you were brought to the
Pabians? You were worried that it might affect me badly.”

What good did he do in this lifetime to earn such a wonderful woman like Diana, who thought
wholeheartedly of him?

She was even able to keep her cool before someone as vicious and ruthless as Clifford Pabian.

It was just that…

Ultimately, Diana was frightened.

Julian recalled how he had rushed into the Pabians’ residence to witness her smashing the windows
with her hands, and his heart ached once more. “I’ll never let you suffer such indignation ever again.”

Once he figured out if Oliver was truly behind this, Julian swore he would go on a roaring rampage of

He would make the Channings, the Pabians, and anyone with the audacity to eye Fulcher Inc.
understand that no one could cross his bottom line.

And Diana, his darling, was an existence none should ever dare scheme against!

Diana finally understood what he meant, and felt rather ashamed. “So…you’re not afraid of Clifford
Pabian at all?”

“Why should I be?” Julian snorted disdainfully. “He’ll have to wait a few lifetimes longer if he wants to
have leverage over me!”

The moment Noel gave him news to confirm whether Oliver was the mastermind behind everything and
that Clifford and Simon were the instruments for his plans, Julian would immediately let Clifford taste
the miserable consequences of standing on the wrong side.

Weren’t Clifford’s hands already tainted with his son’s blood?

In the past, Julian could disregard that. This time, however,

Julian vowed to make Clifford lose everything he cared deeply about, his relentless scheming

‘The only one I fear is Oliver,” Julian said in all seriousness.” I suspect he’s the mastermind who
brought you to the Pabians.”

Only Oliver would have such a deep understanding of Julian and Diana.

He was also the only one who dared to consider using Diana to attack Julian.

Above all, he was perfectly aware that hurting Diana was akin to making a move on Julian’s lifeline.

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