Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 676

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Diana started to panic. She grabbed the corner of the suit, and hurried to move.

Yet Julian held on to it even more tightly, wrapping both of them in a tight embrace.

Diana didn’t understand why he was acting this way. “Julian!”

She looked at him, and her voice was trembling as she stammered, “Nina…Nina’s scalp got torn off!
She needs me right now! I have to…”

She had to protect Nina!

Only by doing that would make her feel better.

Julian understood where she was coming from. Despite that, he said quietly, “She doesn’t need you
now, Diana. She needs Vans.”

Diana looked like she was struck by something. When realization dawned upon her, she finally calmed
down and stopped struggling.

Julian looked at her, and his heart ached. “Your face…”

He never expected Lina to slap Diana.

How could Lina have the nerve to slap the woman he cherished so dearly and cared for so carefully?

At that moment, Julian wished for nothing more than the complete annihilation of the entire Jennings
family-as if

that was the only way he could vent the anger burning in him.

As if influenced by the fury he exuded, Diana finally realized that Nina wasn’t the only one hurt by the
incident. She was as much of a victim as Nina was.

What’s more, Julian was gazing at her with such deep affection.


The heartbreaking look in his eyes inevitably made her yelp, as the pain from the slap earlier finally
registered to her.

Julian’s heart ached deeper to see it. When he spoke, it was in a voice that told of a storm brewing
inside him.

“Don’t you worry.” He looked at Diana, his eyes piercing. ” When the lights went out just now, Vans
slapped Lina back ten times. If it weren’t because he needed more time to tear off the hair on her head,
my anger wouldn’t be appeased even if he slapped her a hundred times!”

Diana was stunned. “You two were behind the black out?”

“No, it was arranged by that idiot Lina herself.” Julian and Vans had simply leveraged on what was
already planned.” Vans is still engaged to her, after all. If we were too obvious in dealing with her, it’d
affect his family.”

But if Vans didn’t stand up and do something to teach Lina a lesson, by the time Julian decided to step
forward, not only would the Jennings family be affected, but even the Stanley family might be
implicated as well.

It was precisely because Vans understood the rationale that

he took the initiative to raise this suggestion to Julian. “In the future, when she finds out that I was the
one behind

Vans slapping her and giving her that horrid haircut in the dark, she’ll probably puke blood out of

“All the better, then,” Diana said.

Vans could consider himself lucky this time.

If Julian didn’t need to fish out the mastermind who planned for Diana to be a guest-therefore making it
inconvenient for him to stand up for her—he wouldn’t have bothered preserving Vans’s pride, no matter
how good their friendship was.

What’s more…

Vans had helped him protect his children when he wanted to hurt them and Diana in his ignorance,
even though his children didn’t make it in the end anyway.

Ultimately, it was because Vans stepped in that Julian didn’t mess up big time.

Further, it was Vans who revealed Diana’s pregnancy to him.

Julian had kept in mind the deeds Vans had done for his sake, and remained forever grateful for it.

Diana was smart, and quickly understood why Julian was covering their heads with his suit. “This
banquet’s huge, and there are many guests around. Are you doing this because no matter when we
leave, someone will find out that you’re here for me?”

Julian stared at her, shocked. “You…know that I’m here for you? I said so many nasty things yesterday.
Aren’t you angry with me?”

“I’ve been waiting for you all this time. Of course I know you’ll come for me.”

She simply wasn’t sure just when he would come.

No matter; whenever it may be, she would welcome him with open arms.

She believed that without a doubt.

Thinking of that, she smiled. ‘Tm not angry.”

With that, she caressed his cheek. “I even slapped you. You should be the one angry with me.”

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