Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 675

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Diana and Nina never expected Lina to say such things in front of everyone, nor did they anticipate her
starting a fight with them in such a bold manner.

What’s more, it never crossed their mind that the invitation would turn out to be fake. It seemed Lina
had collaborated with the celebrity who had given it to Nina, and marked the invitation with a special
sign to lure Nina so Lina could vent her anger at this banquet.

What was even more unexpected…

Was that they actually mistook Diana for being involved with Vans!

“Look at her seductive appearance. She’s definitely a temptress!” Lina spat as she looked at Diana,
eyes burning with jealousy. “Tear out her hair! Bald her! And those shining eyes of hers… Blind her!”

Nina was going crazy at what was currently happening.

She couldn’t fathom how a wealthy young lady could have absolutely no ladylike qualities to her.

More accurately, Lina was even more vulgar than a shrew!

Even more surprisingly, Diana’s beauty became the reason for Lina’s mistaken belief.

While apologizing to Diana with her eyes, Nina desperately protected the former. She desperately
shielded Diana from

the women’s blows.

“Your little lackey is quite fearless.” Lina was clearly infuriated by Nina’s actions. “Ladies, listen to me!
Hold her hair tightly and get her out of the way!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a piercing pain shot through Nina’s head.

Someone had actually ripped out a small portion of her scalp!

Diana’s heart ached when she saw what happened. Her eyes turned red, and she desperately tried to
push Nina away.

But Nina clung to her like a rigid statue, protecting her tightly and not allowing her to move.

“Diana, I’m so sorry…”

Things had already escalated to this point, yet Nina was still apologizing to Diana.

“It doesn’t hurt at all! It really doesn’t!” Diana tried to explain to Nina, in hopes she would let go.

It would be much better for them to face these vulgar ladies together than for Nina to bear their fury

Yet, Nina refused to let go.

It wasn’t until her scalp started bleeding that someone shouted, “Mr. Fulcher’s here!”

The surrounding noise and commotion immediately ceased as soon as the words were uttered.

“W-Why is he here?!”

“Oh my God! It’s all Lina’s fault! My reputation is ruined!”

“Yeah! This is all her fault! You know, I heard that Mr. Fulcher treats his ex-wife very well. If I can win
his favor, maybe I’ll have a better life than Lina. I hope his ex-wife will remain forever his ex!”

Diana, who was Julian’s aforementioned ex-wife, was at a loss for words.

“Ugh. Never mind, this is boring now.”

Without anyone to help her, Lina lost her drive to continue beating Nina and Diana. Adding to that,
Diana had struggled free from Nina’s embrace, and her beautiful eyes were filled with a storm-like

It was enough to make one shudder!

As a result, Lina couldn’t bring herself to move away from the two women.

Meanwhile, Julian had already walked over with Vans at his side. They both saw Nina and Diana, but
neither approached or spoke to the women.

Diana could understand them not showing much concern for her as she had only received a slap in the
face, but Nina was littered with injuries! The lovely girl had even lost a piece of her scalp, giving her a
frightening appearance.

However, Vans acted as though he hadn’t noticed at all. He walked straight up to Lina and asked, “How
are you doing?”

Lina immediately cast a triumphant glance at Diana and Nina, while replying smugly, “I’m fine. I can’t
believe that you and Mr. Fulcher came to my banquet! What a lovely surprise, and of course, a good
boost to my image too.”

“After all, we’re engaged,” Vans replied smoothly, sounding like he wasn’t affected by the scene before
him at all. He didn’t even spare Nina a glance throughout the conversation. “It’s only right for me to
bring Mr. Fulcher to support you.”

Lina visibly brightened at his words, obviously delighted. Her face was flushed with excitement, and
she couldn’t avert her gaze from her face as she clung to Vans like an infatuated mouse.

Nina witnessed everything unfold before her, and tears streamed silently down her face. Watching her
best friend in this state, Diana couldn’t bear it any longer.

She stood up, intending to approach Vans, but a hand forcefully pulled her back.

Before Diana could react, the entire banquet hall plunged into darkness as the lights went out in an

When she snapped back to her senses, she had already been dragged into a corner. She looked up,
and all she could see was a black suit.

She didn’t need to consider anything else, and instantly knew the man in front of her was none other
than Julian.

At this moment, he was using his suit to envelop them in a small corner. His eyes studied her with a
silent gaze filled with devotion.

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