Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 672

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Just by looking at the invitation card, anyone could tell that the host of the banquet was either rich or

Diana stared intently at Nina with her beautiful eyes.

Sure enough, Nina quickly succumbed to Diana’s gaze.” Forget it. This banquet is organized by that
woman who got engaged to Vans.”

She bit her lip and lowered her head. Her voice grew smaller as she said, “I just want to see what she
looks like…”

She didn’t dare to go alone, so she wanted to drag Diana along. Before they even set off, Diana had
already seen through the ulterior motives behind this banquet.

“I wonder… Who was it who just told me to tell everyone to buzz off?” Diana teased Nina with raised
eyebrows. “And here you are, still thinking about Vans?”

Diana snorted. “It’s okay for you to think about your lover, but I’m not allowed to think about my ex-
husband? That’s unfair to me.”

Her appearance was too charming.

Her eyes seemed to speak, every movement she made created ripples. She exuded a tender and
elegant aura. Not to mention, her skin was creamy smooth, and her lips were plump and pink like fresh

Even as a woman, Nina was stunned. She clutched her heart and screamed, “Diana, please stop being
so adorable with me. I really can’t take it. I can’t…!”

After saying that, she commented on Diana’s previous words. “Vans was pressured by his family, but
Julian… He has repeatedly hurt you. He’s complete scum!”

Diana remained noncommittal. Various emotions flickered across her face, and she was clearly
unwilling to discuss her problems further.

And so, she spent the night with Nina like that.

The next day, Diana finally saw the message from Mr. Whatever.

She quickly replied. [Sorry, I didn’t see your message yesterday.]

Julian had been waiting for her message all night, worried that something untoward had happened to
her. He had Noel search for Diana’s location throughout the city in the dead of the night.

After going in circles, he finally discovered that Diana was at Nina’s place and was relieved. Taking a
taxi from the outskirts in the middle of the night wasn’t convenient, so he ended up waiting for Noel to
come back and pick him up.

By the time he returned home, it was already five in the morning.

Later, he wondered how angry Diana was, and how he should apologize and appease her to subside
her anger.

With this thought in mind, he stared at the phone screen and

waited anxiously. As soon as the screen lit up, he quickly sat up from the bed and devoutly replied, [It’s

Before he could finish typing what he wanted to say, he realized he shouldn’t reply as himself, but as
Mr. Whatever instead. He quickly deleted the message, and adopted a more business-like tone. [No

problem. I just finished reviewing the reports last night and wanted to say that the studio did a good

[It was so late yesterday when you sent me the message. Haven’t you rested?]

Diana was amazed. While washing up, she thought of a reply. [But that’s normal. My beloved is just like
you, very diligent. That’s why you’re both successful.]

Even as a landlord, one couldn’t achieve what Mr. Whatever had done without intelligence and

Understanding the principle of having money do the work and always maintaining vigilance was
necessary to ensure the wealth in one’s hand continued to multiply.

Originally, Julian hadn’t thought of a way to apologize and felt nervous. Seeing her mention him
proactively and still referring to him as her beloved, he was instantly delighted.

The gloom of last night vanished, and he regained the courage to meet her and apologize. Even
though the specific way to apologize was still a blank in his mind, he decided to communicate his
thoughts to her as promptly as he could.

That was the only way he could live up to Diana calling him her beloved.

The more Julian thought about it, the more beautiful everything seemed. His handsome face seemed to
be covered in brilliance, exuding even more charm than usual.

Even Noel couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw him.” Sir, why do you look so good today?”

Julian raised an eyebrow and glanced at Noel, who had developed dark circles from working tirelessly
these past few days. There was a touch of disdain in his cold gaze as he sneered, “Do you think

everyone is forever alone like you? n

Noel was speechless. What did being in a relationship or looking good have to do with each other?

It was still early in the morning, and he had woken up despite the late night. Yet, he got unfairly

But instantly, he understood. “Did you and the madam reconcile?”

“Not madam,” Julian said, shaking his head. “My beloved.”

Noel looked at the mysterious smile on Julian’s lips, and became even more confused. Everytime
something happened between Julian and Diana, Julian seemed to transform into a completely different

It was as if…as if he had changed from a domineering, aloof CEO into a pure-hearted and loyal dog.

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