Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 674

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The venue for the banquet was a five-star hotel in the city center.

As soon as Diana and Nina arrived, they began to observe their surroundings.

The banquet hall was glorious; the whole floor was covered in thick woolen carpets.

What made it more extravagant was the fact that these carpets were said to have been specially
procured for this event.

It was evident that the organizer of this banquet had considerable financial resources.

Nina was overwhelmed as soon as she arrived. While she was Vans’s official girlfriend, in the face of
such grandeur, she couldn’t help but think that she was nothing compared to Vans’s fiancee…

Diana noticed her insecurity, and gently guided her to adopt a positive mindset. “You’ve been to so
many grand occasions while photographing celebrities. You didn’t have any problems with that. Why
are you so nervous now?”

Nina couldn’t help but correct Diana, saying, “Those weren’t grand occasions for me. Those were
paparazzi shots.”

As a paparazzo, even a top-tier one, it was indeed difficult to be seen in legitimate settings.

One reason was the fear of being recognized by familiar celebrities, making it harder to capture them in
the future.

The other reason was the fear of retaliation from celebrities who got photographed.

Whenever Nina followed celebrities to attend banquets or award ceremonies, she would always hide in
a corner.

In other words, she preferred to stay in the shadows.

But today, she came here with Diana out in the open.

“Thank goodness you’re here.” She tugged at Diana’s sleeve, nervous. “If you weren’t with me, I
wouldn’t be able to hold my head up high.”

Diana was about to encourage Nina to be more confident when a group of women approached them
from the opposite direction.

The thick carpeting muffled the sound of the women’s high heels, even though they were about seven
or eight centimeters tall.

It was only when the women reached their vicinity that Nina and Diana realized they were obviously

The ladies were adorned with valuable jewelry and clad in high-fashion outfits.

Diana could immediately tell that their clothes were made of rare fabrics, and just the cost of one outfit
could feed an average family for a year.

Alarm bells rang in her mind, and she instinctively shielded

Nina behind her.

The woman at the forefront wore a vibrant-colored dress with an emerald on her hand. She held her
head high, as if she wanted to look down on others, then turned to the security guard behind her. “Are
they the ones who snuck in with fake invitations?”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat as she quickly looked at Nina.

At the same time, Nina was also staring at her in astonishment.

“It’s not fake,” Nina mouthed. “I had a minor celebrity help me get it…”

As long as it wasn’t fake, that was a relief.

Diana regained her composure, and waited for the woman in front to finish speaking.

This woman was none other than Vans’s fiancee, Lina Jennings.

“No one said anything about our invitation…”

Diana hadn’t finished her sentence when Lina interrupted her. “Shh…”

Diana froze, thinking the other woman was about to say something.

And so, she politely waited. After all, she had come today to accompany Nina; she didn’t want to cause
trouble for her dear friend.

But in the next second…

Lina raised her hand, and Diana received a mighty slap on the face.

This was incredible!

She had slapped Julian just yesterday, and today, someone had slapped her in turn.

Was this karma?

She was still in a daze when Nina screamed and rushed in front of her, pushing Lina away forcefully
while yelling, “What are you doing?!”

If it weren’t for someone holding her upright, Lina would have undoubtedly fallen flat on her face.

As the young heiress of a wealthy family and the hostess of this banquet, how could she tolerate such

She immediately called her companions. “Come on!”

She arrogantly pointed at Diana. “It’s this vixen! She seduced Vans! There’s a special mark on her
invitation that I made! Ladies, grab her by the hair and beat her mercilessly! Let’s kill her!”

She then glanced at Nina. ” Don’t leave this b*tch out, either. Neither one of them will get away today!”

Both Diana and Nina were dumbfounded.

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