Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 673

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However, Noel dared not pry the specific details as to what had changed from last night and led to
Julian’s blissful mood.

He simply waited quietly until Julian had everything prepared, and silently brought the car out.

Seeing that Julian’s joyful expression remained, Noel took the opportunity to bring it up. “Sir…?”


“Yesterday, the madam said-“‘

Julian corrected him stubbornly, “My beloved.”

Noel seemed taken aback, and couldn’t figure out a proper reply.

Julian, amused, glanced at him. “And? What did she say?”

“Nothing.” As soon as this topic came up, a wide smile spread across Noel’s face. “She just mentioned
that you should give me a day of paid leave.”

He had been working as Julian’s assistant for so many years, and had never really taken a break.
When Diana brought up this matter, he was quite tempted.

“You mean to say that even when she’s angry with me after leaving the Pabian family’s residence last
night, she still thought about asking for a paid day off for you?”

There was suddenly a sour taste in the air, and the temperature plunged downwards.

Noel chuckled awkwardly. “Sir… Are you jealous?”

Julian glanced at him with a smile that didn’t meet his eyes, neither confirming nor denying Noel’s
question. “Jealous? Jealous of you? You must think very little of me. Didn’t Diana only exchange a few
words with you? And she wanted to speak on your behalf to give you a paid day off, too.”

The more Julian spoke, the more uneasy Noel felt. He practically bit his tongue in regret and stuttered,
“Sir… I… I…”

“You, what?” Julian said as his expression turned cold.” Since it was Diana’s suggestion, I’ll allow it.”

Noel was pleasantly surprised. “Really?!”

“Really.” Julian’s lips curved into a faint smile. “In fact. I’ll give you your day off today.”

Noel was overjoyed, and he almost lost his bearings in excitement.

This was the only day off he had in so long!

As Noel reveled in his joy, he couldn’t help but glance at Julian. The sinister smile playing on the latter’s
lips made his heart tremble.

Oh no!

Things weren’t that simple, were they?

As expected…

After parking the car at the entrance of the banquet, Noel heard Julian say, “Go ahead.”

Noel was elated, and a glimmer of anticipation flashed in his eyes. “To where?”

Not only did his boss grant him the requested vacation per Diana’s instructions, but the man also
wanted to help him plan the itinerary for his break!

Noel was almost moved to tears.

The next moment, Noel saw Julian’s eyes flicker and his lips twitch.

“Weren’t you planning to go on vacation?”

Noel nodded.Books Chapters Are Daily Updated Join & Stay Updated For All Books Updates…

“Then why aren’t you hurrying away?” Julian asked. “Clifford and the others are waiting for you.”

Noel was speechless.

What a turn of events!

He shouldn’t have mentioned Diana’s intention to help him get a day off!

What did Julian mean, Clifford and the others were waiting? He was basically telling Noel to keep an
eye on Clifford so he could expose the mastermind who had arranged for Diana to be brought over to
the Pabians’ yesterday.

Normally, the laborious work of squatting in the corner shouldn’t have fallen on Noel.

But now, the responsibility had landed on his shoulders…

“Oh, and one more thing,” Julian added. “After today, a project in Adorn requires someone to be there
for a month. Don’t forget to go.”

Noel was silent.

Who said that Julian wasn’t a jealous man?!

His whole world was obviously filled with bitterness right now!

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