Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 670

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Diana couldn’t accept that everything that had happened recently was merely an act on Julian’s part.
She couldn’t bear his absurd words.

No matter how good her upbringing was, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She could only flee and
rush out of the gate. This time, Clifford didn’t stop her.

Julian’s car was already waiting at the entrance of the Pabian family’s residence. When Diana
emerged, Noel immediately stepped forward to greet her.


“Don’t call me that!”

Diana’s face was pale, filled with anger and frustration. Instantly after, she realized it wasn’t right to
vent her anger at Noel just because of Julian.

Her expression gradually softened. “I’m sorry…”

She held her forehead and leaned against the car, her posture showing deep exhaustion. “I lost control
for a moment.”

Noel had been startled by her outburst, but he waved his hands repeatedly and said, “No, it’s fine!”

No matter what he said, Diana knew she had made a mistake. She was never someone who took
advantage of others. She hadn’t done it in the past, and she wouldn’t start now.

“After we return home,” Diana began. When she saw that Noel still looked fearful, she eased her
expression and went on, “I’ll talk to Julian and ask him to give you a paid day off as compensation for

me losing my temper.”

This compensation wasn’t excessive and sincere.

Noel’s approval and respect for Diana deepened, and he no longer refused. He immediately smiled.
“Alright, I’ll follow your lead.”

As a gesture of courtesy, Diana smiled back at him.

Just then, Julian and Clifford came out together.

Julian’s expression turned even colder than it was possible, and he sneered, “See?”

He pointed at Diana as if he was assessing her as an object, and every word he spouted was laced
with mockery.

“This woman can flirt with anyone, even my assistant!”

Clifford burst into laughter upon hearing Julian’s words.

“Mr. Fulcher, you’re joking. With Miss Winnington’s beauty, people will still flock to her even if she
doesn’t do anything!”

Julian’s eyes flashed malevolently.

Garbage like Clifford had no right to insult his woman!

If it weren’t for some necessary reasons that required restraint, he would definitely bankrupt the Pabian
family right this very instant!

However, he maintained the plastic smile on his face and acted as if he didn’t care about what Clifford
had said. He buried his disgust deep in his heart.

“I supposed we’ll be taking our leave for now.”

Clifford took a step forward, and personally opened the car door for him. “Mr. Fulcher, please.”

Soon, Julian got into the car, with Diana following closely behind.

As soon as they sat down and their seats were barely warmed, Diana looked at Julian and demanded,
“Apologize to me.”

She was asking him this for his rudeness, for the disrespectful words he had just spoken.

But Julian simply sneered, and the coldness remained in his eyes as he replied easily, “I spoke the
truth, so why should I apologize?”

With a click, Diana unlocked the car door.

When Noel heard the telltale sound of the door unlocking, he felt awkward. He was about to lock the
door; seeing Julian’s expression, however, he retracted his hand.

Diana observed their reactions. She clenched her fist, her fingernails digging into her palms. She
stepped out of the car and hissed, “I don’t want to see your ugly face.”

Before closing the door, she glanced at Julian, whose cheek still bore her palm print. At this moment,
she pretended not

to notice it. Her eyes were ice, tinged with deep disappointment.

“So, I’m leaving.”

As soon as she said that, she slammed the car door shut.

The sound echoed loudly in Julian’s ears.

Diana must be furious! Their days together that had finally improved after so long were once again
ruined by him.

He sighed bitterly.

Yet, he had no other choice.

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