Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 669

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Diana continued to stare at Julian.

She refused to believe he would undergo such a drastic change from such a short business trip.

His gaze quickly shifted to Diana, who stood frozen in place.

Seeing how she was not moving, he snapped, “Hurry up and come out! Even if you’re just a substitute,
you’re now known as Mrs. Fulcher to everyone in Richburgh. Stop messing around with other men, and
don’t disgrace the Fulcher family!”

“Julian!” Diana hissed warningly.

He seemed oblivious to the anger in her tone. He raised his eyebrows, his face still cold and indifferent
as he said, “Are you upset? Isn’t staying up with a memorial portrait of a man in the middle of the night
enough to prove a point?”

After waiting for him for so long, all she received was blame!

Diana’s hands hung down weakly as she looked at him incredulously. She felt very much wronged. “It
was Mr. Clifford who made me…”

“Then you could’ve mentioned my name to intimidate him. You could’ve done everything you could to
oppose this, but you didn’t. You simply agreed without putting up a fight.”

Julian’s seductive eyes showed chilling indifference, and his eyebrows remained raised as he
continued, “Given the circumstances, doesn’t it indicate that you’re so fickle that you even prey on the

Diana subconsciously raised her hand and struck Julian’s face.

Julian, who had spent a night rushing around and nursing a wound that had yet to heal, swayed slightly
from the impact.

Realizing this, Diana lowered her head and looked at her own palm in disbelief.

She had actually slapped Julian…

She had actually struck the man she had yearned for day and night!

“Julian, I…”

She was about to speak, but Julian interrupted her. His face and eyes were still chillingly cold as he
mocked, “What? Did I hit the nail on the head, and now you’re so embarrassed that you got angry?”

Diana’s concern, which was on the verge of bursting out, was forced back down. Her eyes grew chilly.
She clenched her teeth, determined not to appear too disheveled.

“You’ll regret saying all that, Julian!”

“It’s just facts. What’s there to regret?” Julian’s retort was as sharp as a knife.

Diana couldn’t take it anymore. She practically ran past him, bolting out of the room with the memorial

Julian continued shouting after her. “Not only are you fickle, but you’re also indecisive in your
fickleness. You’re willing to accompany even the dead! Even Simon… I see you’re quite fond of him
too. You’re so eager for him to come to you in the middle of the night!”

Diana halted, her face pale as she turned around. Her bright eyes were clearly burning with anger as
she gritted her teeth and snarled, “Julian!”

But Julian didn’t take back his words, nor did he show any remorse. Instead, he closed in on her,
admonishing loudly,” Isn’t what I said right? If I’m wrong, then why didn’t you refute me? Why did you
run away?”

Diana listened to his poisonous words, her fingertips tightly pressed into her palm. Julian was truly
driving her mad, to the point her face turned pale; she could only stare at him silently.

Clifford suddenly appeared and interrupted their standoff.” Mr. Fulcher, there’s no need to be so angry.”

As he spoke, he pulled Julian away. He looked at Diana before saying, “After all, she’s just a woman.”

“Yeah,” Julian sneered, following Clifford and not even glancing at Diana. “Just a woman, and a
substitute no less.”

“I’ve heard about this substitute thing before,” Clifford replied, and he seemed quite interested in the
matter. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Julian’s eyes flickered with pain. It was unclear to Diana what he said to Clifford, but he ended up
sighing. Loudly, he said, “Unfortunately, it’s impossible between Kayla and me.”


“Haven’t you heard, Mr. Clifford? My grandmother’s death was related to her. If she hadn’t been so
insecure about whether she was the real or fake heiress of her family and didn’t get jealous so easily,
we wouldn’t have ended up the way we did.” Julian looked into Luke’s eyes, enunciating each word
with regret.

Every syllable that came out of him was filled with profound bitterness. The more Diana listened, the
more she felt needles were pricking her heart.

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