Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 668

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Judging by the height and build of the figure, it wasn’t Clifford.

Instead, the figure seemed somewhat familiar.

Thinking that, Diana wasn’t as afraid anymore and shouted loudly, “Is that you, Simon?”

Against the light, she couldn’t see anything except the tall silhouette. However, the figure clearly
stiffened for a moment.

She thought it was because she had guessed correctly, and continued, “I knew you’d come back for

After hearing her words, the figure still remained unmoved. The surroundings were still dark, and
Luke’s white memorial portrait seemed to flicker in front of her, as if it had a light source.

However, the figure in front of her remained still.

Was it not Simon? Was it instead the person she least wanted to see right now, Clifford?

The marriage arranged between Diana and the old man of the Pabian family, which Kate and James
had mentioned once, resurfaced in Diana’s mind at that very instant.

If the person who had come really was Clifford, could she survive the night?

Diana began to feel afraid. The nausea and fear she had experienced when Luke molested her on the
subway came rushing back. She wished she could break the glass and jump out of the room!

In fact, she tried to do just that. Only, she couldn’t find any suitable tools at hand. In her desperation,
she decided to smash the glass with her own hands.

But then came a loud shout. “What are you doing?!”

The voice was too familiar, and it was one that she missed so much.

Even though they had only been apart for just a day, it felt like forever.

Diana turned around in surprise and choked out, “Julian?”

With a click, the lights came on.

Who else would it be if not Julian?

Diana ended her foolish attempts of smashing the window with her hands, and rushed towards him in
ecstatic joy. Much to her shock, Julian stopped her.

“Diana! Don’t think that you have a chance after Kayla killed Grandma. Let me tell you this: you’re just
her substitute, and that’s all you’ll ever be for the rest of your life!”

Diana was stunned, clearly unable to process what was happening. Her eyes widened in astonishment,
as if they had been pried open forcefully, and she stared at him in utter disbelief.

Clearly, Julian’s words stirred up unpleasant memories from the past. Yet, he ignored her obvious
discomfort and continued, “Last time, I knelt for you and took a stab for you. In reality, it was all to
prevent Grandma from getting heartbroken. But now, she has passed.”

His voice was chillingly calm, as if he had just walked out of a freezer. Everything he said carried a
frightening aura, with each word striking Diana’s heart harshly.

“I no longer have to pretend to love you.”

His final sentence was deathly calm, but there was a powerful force behind them. It instantly shattered
the sweet tranquility they had enjoyed over the past few days.

Diana was completely dumbfounded, feeling as if someone had poured a bucket of ice-cold water over
her head. She looked at him, her arms outstretched awkwardly. A strained smile hung on her lips.

“Julian… What’s wrong with you?”

Julian didn’t even look at her or answer her question. He simply stepped aside, indicating that she was
allowed to leave the room.

When his gaze fell briefly upon Luke’s memorial portrait, deep disgust flashed in his eyes.

Yet another strange emotion was obscuring his eyes, making it impossible for anyone to discern his
true thoughts.

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