Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 664

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For a moment, it was obvious Simon was holding in his laughter. However, that quickly disappeared.

Nevertheless, Diana caught a glimpse of it. In the end, it still bothered him that she had mentioned the
hospital earlier.

“I’ll throw whatever I want, and I’ll hit whoever I want. Who are you to interfere?!” he snapped.

Oddly enough, his arrogant tone and expression… At this moment, they resembled Julian even more.

Diana’s heart skipped a beat and she warned herself not to overthink, but her uneasiness deepened.

Thinking about the torn lucky charm, she remained silent throughout the journey. Due to the long
journey and her prolonged thoughts about Julian last night, she dozed off, her body swaying back and
forth. It wasn’t until the car stopped that she slowly opened her eyes-only to be greeted by Simon’s
gloomy face.

“Get out!” he yelled.

Diana was startled by his attitude. She noticed that despite Simon’s fierce manner of speech and
sinister grins, it was hard to distinguish the ill intentions behind them.

Actually… He was similar to an obedient child.

For example, he hadn’t tried to touch her again after she told him not to.

Somehow, Diana found him to be quite similar to Julian. She felt more at ease and less anxious than

As she exited the car, her feet landed on golden ginkgo and vibrant red maple leaves. The path
crunched beneath her footsteps, indicating the thickness of the fallen leaves. Such a thick layer of
leaves also indicated that this place was far from Richburgh. It was colder in Richburgh, and the trees
there had long shed their leaves.

This place seemed to be on the outskirts or a suburban area. The city center wouldn’t allow such a
thick layer of leaves to accumulate, and they would usually be cleaned before reaching this point.

Last time, Kayla had chosen a similar place to keep Diana and Madam Fulcher hostage. However, her
choice was the epicenter of such an environment-a desolate residential area. It was much gloomier and
scarier than where Simon had brought Diana.

Still, Diana immediately put her guard up. “Are you planning to kidnap me?”

Simon was speechless. Last time at the hotel, he had seen this woman display courage and brilliant
resourcefulness. She managed to reach Julian despite his betrayal and her petite size, and didn’t shed
a single tear despite sustaining numerous injuries.

It was truly, absolutely…

A complete contrast to her current behavior.

Diana didn’t understand why Simon seemed to be angry again. There were dark clouds on his face; he
was mocking her while expressing disdain and disgust at the same time.

In the end, all his pent-up emotions boiled down to one sinister phrase.” This is the Pabian family’s

The Pabian family?

A chill ran down Diana’s spine. She took several steps back in shock, staring at him with disbelief.

“What did you say?”

Seeing her getting shocked and quickly trying to feign a calm expression, Simon’s interest was roused.
He brightened, amused.

“This is the Pabian family’s residence,” he repeated.

He looked at Diana with a sigh. Originally, he wanted to see the horror on her face. Instead, he noticed
the tiny fuzz behind her ear. He couldn’t help but be momentarily stunned. He even foolishly touched
his own ear, feeling nothing. It was the first time he had seen such a thing on someone else. It looked
very fuzzy, and it made Diana appear even more adorable.

At that moment, her face seemed to have become even more exquisite.

A strange sensation spread in Simon’s heart. He averted his eyes quickly, and he suddenly became

“The Pabian family’s residence! I’ve already repeated it so many times! Are you deaf?”

Diana was stunned. Even if she couldn’t hear, must this man be so irritable? His random outburst even
dissipated some of her fear of Luke and the Pabians.

After a while, her complexion returned to normal and she regained some of her composure.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Simon shot her the look one would give an idiot. “To be a guest, of course.”

Didn’t he already say it before?

Diana almost choked on nothing.

A guest in the Pabian family… That wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

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