Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 663

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With this thought, Simon’s previous actions seemed less significant. However, he certainly couldn’t be
considered a good person.

For now, Diana had no way to escape his grasp.

“I’m turning twenty-two soon,” she suddenly blurted out, hoping to reduce her fear of him in this way.
“As long as you don’t touch me, I’ll go along with you.”

She simply couldn’t accept any man aside from Julian touching her. That awful feeling was like getting
bitten by ants; it wasn’t deadly, but her whole body tingled with disgust. The sensation gave her
goosebumps, and she felt as if her skin was being peeled off.

“When?” Simon asked.


Diana had already gotten into Simon’s car and was putting some distance between them; that made
her a bit more relieved. And with that, she was less afraid of Simon.

“Your birthday.” Simon’s hand was still on his nose, and he was looking absentmindedly at her. “When
is it?”

Diana paused; she had no idea what this man was up to now. There hadn’t been a single pleasant
encounter with him, and she didn’t want him to spoil her birthday too.

“It’s still a long way off.” Diana sounded depressed. The next moment, she became more cheerful,
admiration and anticipation glazing her eyes as she added happily, “But Julian’s birthday is coming up.”

In the same instance, she recalled his tired appearance from last night. Her heart ached again. “You’ve
ruined my good luck charms.”

Her voice was low, and there was a sudden sting in her nose when she saw the torn lucky charms.

She missed him.

She missed Julian.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the paper, causing the characters to smudge and the items to

Simon furrowed his brows and snatched the lucky charm from her by force. “It’s just a lucky charm! Big
deal! I’ll just have someone buy you a thousand of them!”

His words sounded generous, but due to his excessive force, he had torn the lucky charm Diana had
picked out with great care in half.

At that, her tears flowed even more fiercely.

The uneasiness in her heart grew. Like an enraged tiger, she shouted angrily at Simon, “I don’t want
you to buy me a thousand of them! You’ve ruined my and Julian’s luck! You owe me and Julian our

Only then did Simon realize just how much she cared about the special significance of the lucky
charms during the new year, and that she cared a great deal more about Julian.

Anger surged within Simon. Frustrated, he yelled, “Stop the car!”

He mustered his strength and crumpled the lucky charm into a ball, and threw it out of the window.
“Screw your luck!”

Diana was struck speechless.

How could she forget?

Simon was the most unpredictable person in this world.

And yet, she had actually cried in front of him.

That wasn’t the way to protect herself!

She had to find a way to ensure her safety before Julian returned.

She contemplated her options for a while. Facing the man’s sinister gaze, she began, “You…”

Simon raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to say something that would make him angrier so he could
throw her out of the car window too.


“You…” Diana swallowed harshly and continued, “You shouldn’t throw litter out of the car window.”

Considering the long hesitation in her words, he never expected her to say that.

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