Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 662

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Diana turned around and confirmed her suspicion. Simon had indeed brought seven or eight people
with him. Compared to them, she had no chance of winning with only one bodyguard by her side. As
for the driver, Simon’s men had already forced him to leave the hotel with the car earlier on.

Without realizing it, she was already isolated and at Simon’s mercy.

Diana couldn’t help but feel frustrated at the situation she was in. “What exactly do you want, Simon?”

“I told you, I want you to be my guest.” The persistence in his eyes was akin to a pesky wad of chewing
gum that couldn’t be shaken off no matter how hard you tried.

Luckily, Diana still had her phone with her.

She quickly took it out and dialed Oliver’s number, threatening him, “I’m going to tell your brother!”

Her tone was fierce, but it only made Simon chuckle. “Go ahead, tell him.”

His real brother was still away on a business trip.

With that thought, a shadow crossed his eyes.

Diana, who was focused on making the call, clearly didn’t notice the change in Simon’s expression.
Soon enough, her own expression changed.

Oliver didn’t answer her call.

Ever since he told her that he no longer liked her, it seemed like he had taken the initiative to keep a
considerable distance from her.

And now, he wouldn’t even answer her calls.

Diana couldn’t say she was devastated, but she felt a bit uncomfortable. Someone as warm as Oliver
had changed right as she was in a difficult situation.

Was it her fault?

Was she wrong to repeatedly and explicitly reject him?

Seeing her conflicted expression, Simon guessed her thoughts.

“Stop calling. He won’t answer your calls anymore and won’t care about your life.”

She belonged to Julian, after all.

Oliver may appear warm, but as Nina once said, how could a child raised in a prominent family be
genuinely innocent?

What they usually showed to others was just the side they wanted to display.

This direct statement took Diana aback. “…Perhaps that’s for the best.”

With that, she put away her phone and disregarded Simon’s astonished expression.

“Let’s go. I’ll accompany you as your guest.”

Since she had no help now and Julian was out of the country, she might as well go along with Simon
and see what he really wanted.

“I didn’t expect you to be so brave,’ Simon mused.

He thought she would start crying out of fright or get upset because of Oliver’s sudden change in
attitude towards her. But in reality, she remained calm-as if nothing had happened, as if she was really
willingly going with his invitation.

Even the fear she used to have when she saw him before was gone.

Simon couldn’t help but find it a little annoying. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“I am,” Diana replied honestly. “You’re unpredictable, but you helped me last time at the hotel. After
thinking it over, I realized you’re not such a bad person.”

This was the first time someone had viewed Simon in this manner.

Not such a bad person…?

In the many years Simon stayed among the Channings, many people had cursed him, calling him a
b*stard and saying he was inferior. Some even called him crazy, claiming he was sinister and

Even Diana had expressed fear and unease when she saw him before.

“Back then…” Simon started somewhat awkwardly, as he lifted the arm that Diana had bitten to scratch
his nose. “Didn’t you also curse me and call me crazy?”

That was at the hospital.

“You were attacking people indiscriminately,” Diana replied, glancing at him, “and at that time, I hadn’t
seen just how wicked people’s hearts could be.”

Later, after experiencing so much…

Diana had seen how unrepentant her parents were after digging up the grave of her babies, and how
her birth mother had cursed her relentlessly at their doorstep.

She also saw how her own blood sister was willing to do anything to harm her, all for the sake of having
the title of Julian Fulcher’s wife.

There were even attempts to drug her and make her incapable of bearing children…

It was hard to believe that even between family members, things could escalate to such an extent

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