Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 660

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They were three days away from the last day of the year.

And yet… Julian wasn’t by her side.

Diana was slightly disappointed. She showed him all the things she bought over a video call. “I bought
a couple toothbrush set, and I specifically bought this pair of towels with our initials on it! I spent a long
time selecting them.

And this, they’re the viral glass chopsticks!

This one, pasting these little red flower stickers on the glass will definitely be beautiful!”

Still, Julian didn’t seem very interested. He didn’t even look up, and simply hummed away perfunctorily.

Diana was getting angry. “Julian!”

She had been sharing with him the things she’d bought, so why didn’t he even bother looking at them?

She even suspected that he didn’t even hear a single word she said!

She was about to flare up when she saw Julian’s brows furrow.

His voice was laced with fatigue as he put on a piteous look on his face. “In order to earn money to
feed you, not only did I skip dinner last night, but I didn’t even eat breakfast today.”

Diana was silenced by his look of indignance, and felt helpless at the sight of the man before her/ “I
didn’t ask you to skip your meals. You did so because of work…”

“Yes, it’s because of work, that’s what it is,” Julian said in all seriousness. “I have to work in order to
earn money so that I can feed you well. What else did you think I meant?”

Diana was completely defeated.

“Diana, I’m really tired.” This was the first time Julian exposed his vulnerabilities to her.

He wasn’t high and mighty, and wasn’t perfect, but it made Diana feel a bit closer to him. “Come back if
you’re tired. I’m waiting for you at home.”

Julian felt his eyes grow hot with unshed tears. “I know.”

As long as Diana was at home, no matter how late he returned, there would be a light left switched on
for him at the villa.

Warmth blossoming in his heart, Julian said, “In that case, Mrs. Fulcher, can you let me rest for a

Diana naturally couldn’t bear to hang up the video call, but the fatigue on his face made her soften her
tone. She asked him the question she wanted to ask the most, “When will you be coming back?”

“Very soon.” Julian lowered his head to pull something. He didn’t even look up, but his voice was firm.
“Before the new year. I’ll return before the new year.”

Diana got hold of his promise, but knew that he really was very busy.

She decided not to bother him any further, and immediately hung up.

After hanging up, she felt uneasy and gave Noel a call. “Did something happen to Fulcher Inc.? Why
doesn’t Julian have time for his meals?”

He had gastric issues, and it might become severe if his condition worsened.

Noel was stunned for a moment. “Ma’am, what could happen to Fulcher Inc.? It’s just a matter of a
couple of mergers and acquisitions coinciding with each other, that’s all.”

Yet, Julian had never been so tired in the past.

He had left for this business trip in such a hurry, he didn’t even have time to call Diana and inform her
about it.

He only managed to inform her that he wasn’t coming back tonight when his plane landed.

Clearly, Diana wouldn’t be able to get any further information from Noel.

Even if she did, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to help Julian.

Fulcher Inc…

Was too huge a conglomerate.

There were many businesses under it, and its corporate structure was complex.

The complex commercial world was not something Diana could intercept so easily.

Eventually, she said, “Just tell him that no matter what, I’ll be by his side.”

Noel heard her serious tone, and wanted to tell her that things weren’t that serious.

However, Julian suddenly cut him off. “Noel Carter!”

There was a slight panic in his voice, as if something bad had really happened.

Noel immediately hung up on Diana and hurried toward Julian. “Sir!”

“Quick!” Julian clicked open the stock market index.” Someone’s short-selling us.”

What was scary was that someone was able to make a move on Fulcher Inc. in a way that was so
subtle, Julian only managed to notice now.

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