Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 659

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“Of course,” Julian insisted. “I feel terrible the moment I hear his name.”

He leaned in closer to Diana and unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt, revealing his collarbones.
“Sniff me. Do you smell something sour?”

“Yes, yes.” Diana pinched her nose and pretended to move away from him. She kicked back on her
heels and tried to escape the couch.

Yet Julian’s long arms stretched out and hauled her into his embrace, bringing the temperature
between the two of them to a rise…

“Diana, I’m hungry.”

His voice was warm and fuzzy, and his hot breath spewed against her ears, tickling while tempting her
at the same time. It made her chest grow hot and her ears buzz.

By the time they woke up, it was already four in the morning.

They were famished, having skipped dinner. Julian initially wanted to call up the kitchen staff to send
some supper.

Diana had gotten changed and stopped Julian in time.” Don’t. Let’s head downstairs and whip up
something ourselves.”

She walked barefooted on the floor, but didn’t feel the cold.

Conversely, warmth spread from the floor to her feet.

Julian decided to follow suit and go barefooted as well.

When he stood next to her, he hauled her up in his arms once again.

‘TH carry you downstairs.”

He started getting touchy again.

If she let him have his way, she would be tormented through the night again.

She was deathly afraid of him.

She could only shrink backwards and express her discontent. “I’m really, really hungry.”

“Is that so?” Julian said perfunctorily, having no intention of putting her down. He turned one round and
at the next instance, both of them fell heavily onto the bed once more.

The blanket and pillows bounced up, covering the both of them in the middle.

Diana was speechless. “Julian…”

“Be good.” His voice was hoarse with desire.

As if sensing her helplessness, Julian became serious and put his hands on her flat stomach.

Diana sucked in her stomach instinctively. “Julian…”

He pulled his hand back, and she immediately recalled that her two babies used to nest snugly inside.
Her eyes

immediately welled up with tears.

“Let them come back.” Sorrow flashed past the depths of Julian’s eyes, but he covered it up very

It was as if their warm touch had a healing effect that could heal all wounds of their past, “Shall we?
Diana, let’s get our Aster and Star back…”

His voice sounded like that of a tempter.

Diana almost nodded, as if in a trance.

They spent the night in bed, and she was indeed no longer hungry through the night.

By the time she woke up again, it was already past nine in the morning and the sun was shining high
up in the sky.

Julian had already left for work.

It was the final and busiest phase of the work year.

Diana didn’t disturb him. Instead, she woke up and had some food before heading out to buy some
items necessary for the new year.

Decorations and new cutlery were some of the things that Diana put in her shopping cart.

By the time she reached home, she had filled up two car boots to the brim.

Some of the items she purchased included clothes for Julian.

He could wear them over the new year.

What she didn’t expect was for Julian to leave for a work trip that night, even before he had the chance
to try out the clothes.

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