Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 658

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Julian replied straightforwardly, “My wife.”

She was no ordinary person indeed. She was the love of his life!

Noel was silenced by Julian’s answer, and asked no further questions.

Julian, on the other hand, offered further information. “I put on a disguise and played a game with her,
which is why I didn’t answer her call and texted her instead.”

That alone was worth him halting a meeting with the senior executives-just so he could send a text?!

Noel couldn’t figure out what Julian meant by “putting on a disguise,” but even if he didn’t understand
what his boss meant, he had no choice but to agree.

He could sense that Julian was waiting for a response from him, so he chuckled dryly a few times, put
his hands together, and said in a tone that was eager to please, “Wow, sir! You must be in a good mood
to play such games with your wife.”

“Bootlicker, you are,” Julian teased.

By the time Julian returned home, Diana had gotten changed and was seated in the living room as she
waited for him.

“Not busy today?” Julian asked deliberately.

“Nope,” Diana replied. “I’ve already finished the year-end summary and reports, and have even
contacted my two investors.”

Julians brows furrowed. “Including that Mr. Whatever?”

“Yes,” Diana said. “He’s a really proud and arrogant man.”

A thought came to mind and she added, “I used to think that he could’ve been you.”

Julian choked on his saliva. “What about now?”

“I don’t think that way now,” Diana said. “You’d send me thousands of texts a day, and you’d even split
your sentences into two just to send me more texts. But this Mr. Whatever… He talks very little and
only cares about earning money.”

Julian smiled and teased, “Does he earn as much as I do?”

“Of course not.” She smiled brightly. She was wearing a fluffy white shirt, which made her fair skin look
even brighter and dewier. The thermostat in the room was switched on, and the warmth in the house
made her cheeks blush a bright red.

Julian was unable to shift his eyes away. “You look more and more beautiful by the day.”

Diana’s hair stood on end at his words. “Why are you praising me out of the blue?”

He was completely unperturbed even when saying such cheesy things.

Another thought suddenly came to Diana’s mind. “Fanny Smith.”


“That celebrity, Fanny Smith,” Diana said. “Don’t you know her? She’s the hottest celebrity in the circle
right now.”

Julian shook his head. “I seem to have heard her name before, but I don’t remember what she looks

He fixed his eyes on Diana and said, “Whatever it is, she won’t be as beautiful as you are.”

“You and your silver tongue!” Diana’s face flushed even redder at his words. “I’m being serious! She’s
my first investor.”

Diana pondered for a moment before recounting everything that had happened between her and Fanny
today. “She doesn’t lack money, but today, she said she’s in severe need of money. Oliver’s no longer
in the ER, yet he claims to be very busy.”

She looked on wistfully. “Everyone seems to have changed so much. What exactly is going on…?”

Although Julian couldn’t care less about Fanny Smith, he cared about Oliver.

Oliver, no longer working in the ER?

It was a chance he fought tooth and nail for from Kenneth. He wasn’t one to give up so easily.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Julian to think things through.

The gears in Julian’s head were turning at a high speed as he considered all possibilities. His dark
eyes turned darker for a split second.

When he looked up, the cold look in his eyes had all but vanished, replaced with a playful gaze. “Have
you ever considered the possibility that they probably just don’t want to keep in contact with you?”

Diana was stunned for a moment, unable to react to that possibility.

Julian added, “If you really want to meet someone, you’d make time forthem.”

His words targeted Oliver.

The mere mention of Oliver’s name never failed to land him in a bad mood.

Diana was baffled. “It’s been so long, and you’re still jealous of him?”

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