Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 657

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However, she recovered very soon. “No wonder Oliver likes you.”

Diana noticed that Fanny wasn’t referring to him with as much affection as before.

“You’re really likable.” Fanny had worked so hard for so many days and slogged for so many years, yet
no one had ever told her not to work herself so hard.

Alas, Diana’s offer wasn’t enough to feed her or solve her problems.

Fanny thought that the only way to help Oliver at his critical juncture was to become very rich and
famous. That way, he could do whatever he wanted to do instead of being forced to take over the
Channings’ family business.

To a certain extent, she, Oliver, and Diana had become strangers because of their family issues.

However, Fanny couldn’t bear looking at Diana’s pure and untainted eyes any longer. She couldn’t bear
hiding the fact that she was earning money so Oliver would have the strength and power to fight Julian.

Fanny eventually said, “Talk more with Oliver when you have the time.”

Diana felt rather awkward at the mention of his name. “I’ve tried, but he said he’s busy.”

It seemed Oliver had firmly made up his mind.

Since he decided to return to the Channing family, he would therefore kill all the feelings he had for

A tinge of pain flashed past Fanny’s eyes. She started stumbling over her words. “I’m very…busy too.
Continue on… with the good work at the s-studio.”

She was busy indeed, and the director was starting to call for her again.

Diana had no choice but to leave. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep helping you earn money.”

She would never let her investors’ money go to waste.

Fanny looked long and hard at Diana, but did not say anything anymore. The next second, she ran off
to resume filming.

Seeing her and only able to say a few words to her made Diana feel even more melancholic.

On the way back home, realization suddenly dawned upon Diana-everyone had unknowingly changed
so much, even before the new year began.

At that point, she felt as if she had suddenly lost all her bearings.

Before she could think any deeper, she remembered that there was someone else waiting for her

And that was Mr. Whatever.

He was the second largest investor of her studio.

Since it was nearing the year’s end, it was time to present to him the status of the return on his

When she called him, Julian was in the midst of a meeting. He immediately ground the meeting to a
halt, a sly look flashing past his eyes.

He decided to hang up on her.

He wasn’t about to confess to Diana that he was Mr. Whatever.

Perhaps until after his birthday.

At that time, Diana probably couldn’t bear to hit him when he confessed.

Otherwise, Diana might get furious with him for hiding his true identity and investing in her business.

Therefore, he immediately hung up and sent her a text instead, so that he could avoid the risk of
exposing his identity. “Hello.”Books Chapters Are Daily Updated Join & Stay Updated For All Books

He started off greeting her politely and courteously, but his next text wasn’t as courteous. “How are my
returns looking?”

Diana looked at her phone, wondering why this person refused to answer her call.

It was only when she received his text that she realized that as a landlord, Mr. Whatever might be even
busier than her in collecting rent during the year-end period.

It was best to just go straight to the point. “As good as expected.”

Diana didn’t bother explaining much, and simply attached the reports in an email.

Mr. Whatever then replied, “Good.”

He seemed to be someone straightforward and to the point in doing business.

Diana smiled as she switched her phone off, deciding not to bother him any further.

It was only until the meeting was over that Noel, unable to suppress his curiosity any longer, asked
Julian, “Sir?”

Julian looked up. “Yes?”

“Who called during the meeting just now?”

Anyone who could make Julian stop a meeting mid-way was no ordinary person.

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