Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 656

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“I fell in love with him first, and I met him first. Most of all, we got into a relationship first…”

And yet, she wasn’t the woman who got engaged with Vans.

Nina was about to say something more, but very soon, she composed herself and stopped talking
about things between her and Vans.

Diana wanted to pursue things further, but upon sensing that Nina wasn’t willing to talk about it
anymore, she didn’t push it.

Nina went on, “Oh, yes. I forgot to tell you that Oliver’s no longer in the emergency room.”

“Has he been promoted?”

Did he become busier because of a promotion?

“How could any other department be busier than the ER?” Because of Vans, Nina gained a better
understanding of things in the hospital. ‘That’s the most tiring department in the entire hospital! You’re
right that he’s been promoted, but actually, it’s almost equivalent to resigning. He only comes to the
hospital for half a day each week at the highest-level specialist clinic, and he only does consultations
for three hours each time. According to Vans, it’s tough to get a number with him.”

“What does he spend his time doing, then?” If he only stayed at the hospital three hours each week,
why wouldn’t he have time to go with Diana to look for Fanny?

“I have no idea.” Nina shook her head. “He seems to have become more mysterious with his
whereabouts all of a sudden.”

A thought came to Nina’s mind. “Diana, I feel that all of these rich heirs…aren’t simple at all.”

There was fatigue in her voice.

Diana’s heart ached as she witnessed the ever-optimistic Nina lamenting. Mixed feelings arose in her
heart. “If you really want to be with Vans, I can ask Julian…”

“Don’t.” Nina suddenly turned solemn. “Don’t interfere in things between us.”

In matters of the heart, no one could make decisions on another person’s behalf.

Nina was insistent on this.

Diana nodded. “Alright, then.”

They began chatting leisurely. When they hung up, Diana felt rather melancholic.

They were inching closer to the new year.

After the new year, she would be 22 years of age.

Everyone was growing older, and hearts were changing.

Diana sighed, and decided that she had to see Fanny. She was still unable to contact Fanny*s
manager, and finally

decided to call the front desk of Fanny’s studio.

Upon hearing Diana’s name, the person on the other end sounded as if she was hit by something.

Her voice immediately turned respectful. “Mrs. Fulcher?”

Diana stuttered, remembering that she and Julian hadn’t gone through formal remarriage procedures

But she responded anyway. “Yes, it’s me.”

Mentioning her name was effective indeed, as she immediately got a response. “I’ve already told my
boss. She said that you can go on-site to look for her directly.”

There’s no time like today.

Diana pondered for a moment before tidying up her profit and loss reports and annual work schedule
summary before heading off to look for Fanny.

By the time Diana reached the site, Fanny was in the midst of filming.

She was as beautiful as she was before.

But she wasn’t in as good a state as she used to be, as she was clearly exhausted.

Diana found a spot to sit down, her worry for Fanny growing.

Her brows were still furrowed when Fanny sat down opposite her. “Do you really need money?”

Diana decided to cut straight to the chase.

Fanny looked at Diana in shock. Very soon, she smiled and said, “Yes.”

She asked someone for help to twist open the cap of a bottle. “Very, very much in need of money. I
need lots of it.”

Diana sighed and handed the reports to Fanny. “My studio’s been doing well over the past half a year,
and I’ve earned you quite a bit of money. The return on investment has reached 20%.”

That was shockingly good results.

Surprised flashed past Fanny’s eyes. She was about to take the reports from Diana, but Diana said to
her, “I’ll work even harder from now on. Can you not work yourself so hard, please?”

If things went on like this, Fanny might exhaust all her energy and spark as a celebrity.

Fanny’s pupils dilated, moved by Diana’s genuine care and concern for her.

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