Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 655

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‘The height you’ve risen to will be the height from which you fall in the future. It only makes sense for
her to earn as much moolah as she can while she’s at the peak of her career.”

Diana begged to differ.

She was sure Fanny wasn’t one to care so much about money, neither was the latter in need of money.

So why was Fanny working so hard right now?

“Maybe she just enjoys being a celebrity.” Diana harbored a guess as she imagined Fanny’s beautiful
face. “She’s a born star, after all.”

Nina didn’t agree. ‘You thought wrong.”

She updated Diana on the latest news. ‘The paparazzi exposed that Fanny’s in dire need of money
right now. Aside from high-end product advertisements and good scripts, she even began exposing
herself to unknown products and lousy web dramas for the sake of some cash. As long as the
remuneration’s good, she’ll never fail to be there for it.”

Diana choked on Nina’s words.

How did things turn out like that?

The A-list celebrity, who was always laid-back and lazy like a cat, never used to be like this.

If this were to go on, it would only waste away her spirit. Fanny would end up all spent.

Fanny had invested in Diana a huge sum at her lowest point and given her the chance of making a

Fanny had also given her a chance to shake free of Julian and give her relationship with him a better
second chance.

Diana pondered for a moment before deciding to look up Fanny with Oliver in tow.

With Oliver as a medium, she was sure she could get hold of Fanny very quickly.

To her surprise, Fanny’s reply to Oliver was the same: that she was busy.

Diana mentioned her attempts to reach out to Fanny to Nina, who teased,” What, trying to find a back-
up for yourself? Are you unhappy now that he isn’t at your beck and call?”

“Nina!” Diana was baffled. ‘What goes on in your mind all day…?”

Nina sounded justified. “What? In all the shows I’ve been filming, be it young men or famous and
experienced men in the industry, all of them are the same. They all look out for secret lovers for
themselves. If you don’t believe me, just check out your socials. There’s another celebrity couple who
used to be all lovey dovey, but they’re now getting divorced. The man has many other lovers outside.
When he was busy filming, one would be in charge of his laundry, another would cook for him, and
another would warm his bed. Tsk, tsk…”

Nina was filled with admiration. “Impressive. Simply impressive!”

She cried out to the heavens. “Ah! Diana, I want a secret lover myself too!”

A whole closet of them!

“I want Vans Stanley to see me in a different light!”

Ultimately, she cared about what Vans thought. It seemed she was still affected by his engagement.

Diana couldn’t bear to see her dear friend hurt. “Nina, I suggest you break up with him. Otherwise,
you’ll be faced with a lot of trouble in time to come. You might even earn yourself the reputation of a

If it weren’t for the fact that she was truly the one who saved Julian in the past, Diana wondered if she
was the one who had come in between Julian and Kayla’s relationship.

But now, she fully understood that her so-called identity as the replacement or interference was nothing
but spurious.

Everything that had happened was due to Kayla’s fault. She had claimed credit for saving Julian, which
should have been Diana’s.

In fact, Kayla should thank Diana for being able to meet Julian in the first place.

Kayla was the one better fitted in playing the role of interfering and bringing chaos to everything.

Diana could now be certain about this not just because of facts, but more so because of her knowledge
of Julian’s affections for her.

On the other hand, Vans…

Diana swallowed past her constricted throat. “He’s already wearing an engagement ring. He’s clearly
intent on getting engaged with that woman. Nina, hear me out. It’s better to just break up…”

“But this isn’t fair to me,” Nina cut Diana off. Then she added in a softer tone, “Why should I, Diana?

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