Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 654

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“Everything in that rented apartment has disappeared.” Noel found it strange as well. “I tried to ask
around with the neighbors, and they said that a luxury car drove by to pick up the couple.”

Julian’s brows furrowed. “A luxury car?”

The Winnington family were no longer receptive to James.

Why would there be a luxury car coming to fetch them?

Where did the car bring them to?

“Yes,” Noel replied. “Apparently, they were exceptionally happy when they left, and they flung all their
belongings into the trash can, as if they were about to enjoy a good life in the days ahead.”

Julian found it strange. “Did you check the car plate number?”

“No, I didn’t,” Noel said. “Their apartment was in an old estate which didn’t even have traffic lights, not
to mention surveillance cameras. No trace of the car was left behind.”

Things seemed rather suspicious, and Julian tasked Noel to investigate things further. But memories of
Kate insulting and scolding Diana outside the villa yesterday, which upset Diana and sent her mind into
chaos, flashed in his mind. Julian concluded that perhaps, their departure might be for the better after

“Forget it,” he said, “don’t bother.”

Kate and James were fully grown adults who could take care of themselves. There was no need for
him to worry about them.

As for the news of them, he decided to wait for a beautiful afternoon during which Diana was in a good
mood. She was cooking porridge in the kitchen when he told her about James and Kate.

Diana looked rather ambivalent about Julian’s update.

There was, however, a change in the expression on her face as her tone soured. “I knew it all along.”

She knew all along that they cared naught for her as their daughter.

No matter where they went, they wouldn’t even bother bidding her goodbye.

“Forget it.” She said the same thing as Julian had said,” There are some relationships that one can only
wish for.”

She held Julian’s hand tenderly. “Don’t be sad.”

Instead, she ended up comforting him.

Julian burst out laughing, a sharp line tracing down from his exquisite brows to his hard jaw like a
bejeweled saber, softened and made tender by the soft glow of the afternoon sun.

The look on his face together, together with the fragrance of her wholesome porridge, brought warmth
to the depths of

her heart.

Diana wasn’t sure when, but Julian suddenly began becoming busy.

Diana glanced at the calendar, noting that it was nearing the new year. She thought about the various
annual reports and updates that were due for her company. Things started getting busy at her studio as
well, not to talk about a company on the scale of Fulcher Inc.

She was exceptionally patient with Julian.

She didn’t complain even when he didn’t return home for consecutive days.

She simply focused on dealing with work at her studio. Both of them concentrated on performing their
duties at work and shining in their respective capacities.

Today, Diana finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel in the work she had to settle.

She decided to report her progress to Fanny.

Fanny was, after all, the first investor of Diana’s studio. Had it not been for Fanny at the start, Diana
truly had no idea how she managed to survive.

However, she was unable to get in touch with Fanny.

Diana asked Nina, who could only tell her that Fanny had once again risen the ranks in the
entertainment industry. Fanny wasn’t only an A-list celebrity, but now an AA-list celebrity. 20 hours out
of 24 were spent on filming and taking on advertisements.

The work demands consumed Fanny’s entire life.

Nina lamented, “How much money is she making right now? You can really make fast money as a

Diana smiled. “Why don’t you be one yourself?”

“No way!” Nina said. “Celebrities might look all glamorous, but behind that…Tsk, tsk! It’s up to fate
whether they become popular or not.”

Nina knew that Fanny was going all out right now because she understood the fact that nothing good
could last forever.

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