Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 653

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Impossible. That would never happen.

Diana smiled. “Pity I am as stubborn as you are.’

The difference was that Kate protected her own pride and dignity, whereas Diana protected her own

She no longer wanted to fall into the trap of the so-called care of her heartless parents and end up
disappointed once more.

“Nonsense!” Kate saw Diana calling for security to shut the door, blocking her outside of the house, and
started panicking. “I’ve never thought that way before! I love and dote on both you and Kayla!”

Both were her children!

One was her biological child, and the other adopted.

She cared for both of them. Life just happened to be too tough right now and she did not have the
luxury to think about them-that’s all!

Yet, Diana clearly didn’t want to hear her explain herself any further. “Ever since James and Kayla were
in cahoots to dig up my babies’ grave and you chose to stand on their side even after knowing the
truth, I no longer consider you as my mother.”

Despite the fact that her babies were never born, Diana had experienced what it was like to be a
mother. She knew first hand what the love of a mother should look like.

All the more she knew clearly that Kate’s so-called love was far too shallow and fake.

And all the more she didn’t care for Kate’s love.

In any case…

She turned back and looked at the huge villa with a smile.

She had a family now.

She had Julian.

He would love her forever and heal the pain in her heart.

Kate, met with rejection and unable to get what she wanted, ended up hurling insults at the door.

“Diana, you’re a heartless animal!”

“You have no conscience to speak of!”

“You deserve death!”

“You shouldn’t have been born in the first place!”

“Diana, you…”

Exhausted, she paused for a moment, having run out of words to yell out loud. Finally, she ended with
a final hurrah. ” Diana, you’re not fit to be loved by anyone in this world!”

The security guards could no longer tolerate her anymore and sent someone to seal her mouth and
chase her miles away from the villa.

Meanwhile, Diana couldn’t care less about Kate’s words.

“Just let her be,” Diana said. She looked at Julian seated at the couch, waiting for her further

She added slightly bitterly, ‘This biological mother of mine has never spoken so many words to me

The insults seem to have made up for all that was left unspoken over the first half of her life. Simply
hearing them from Kate made her throat go dry and parched.

Julian’s heart ached for Diana, but he didn’t say anything.

He simply stayed by her side in silence as Kate kept on insulting Diana at the door. Subsequently, he
heard cries from outside which gradually disappeared, as if Kate was really exhausted and had finally
run out of energy.

Diana refused to head out and take a look at Kate the entire time. The only thing Julian noticed was
that she seemed to be drinking more water than she did before.

She tended to drink more water when she was feeling anxious.

Julian knew that Diana wasn’t feeling good. Ultimately, she wasn’t able to get past her own conscience.

He thought about it, and decided to have Noel send some food to Kate and James in private. That
would prevent something bad from really happening to them, which would make Diana feel even

To his surprise, Noel told him that they had disappeared.

Julian was baffled. “What do you mean, disappeared?”

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