Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 652

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If it weren’t for the fact that she had given birth to Diana, or for the noodles, Kate wouldn’t even have
the chance to come into the villa’s porch.

Kate was shocked by the cold look on Diana’s face, which clearly told of the fact that Diana had no
intention whatsoever to treat her like a mother.

Fury tainted her face red.

She didn’t even feel so cold anymore. Her head buzzed as she screamed, “What do you know? Your
father and I are suffering right now, cowering in that lousy place and eating terrible food! Doesn’t your
heart ache one bit for us?”

“Eating terrible food?” Diana recalled her old memories. Her tone was gentle despite the harsh words
she was about to say. “I’m sure that food still tastes great. After all, it was my staple food when I was
young. Now that I’m with Julian, he’s not used to eating such food and prefers fancier delicacies and
feasts. Even his vegetables are flown directly from Switzerland. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I rather
miss the taste of that food I used to enjoy.”

Diana was deliberately reminding Kate the terrible life she suffered in her youth, as well as showing
Kate the great contrast between the miserable life she and James were leading compared to the
delightful and luxurious life Diana was enjoying.

Diana wasn’t leaving Kate any dignity, nor was she intending to offer Kate any form of help or

Kate’s face went black, and she no longer wanted to speak any further.

On second thought, she imagined the look on James’s face as she waited at home for her to come
back with some

good news. She opened her mouth once more and said ” Diana, I’m still your mother.”

She took a deep breath. As if Diana was holding a knife against her neck, she forced herself to say,
“I’ve come all the way here. Please, at least give me some money so I can eat. Your dad…”

The swift change in Diana’s expression forced Kate to hurriedly amend her words.

“I mean, James is a proud man. He can do without luxuries at home by himself, but if he were to head
out or if he has visitors, he’ll certainly have to bring out something good to host them. He’ll also need
new clothes when he goes out.”

Every attire and every imported food didn’t come cheap.

In a matter of days, he had spent all the money that Kate had painstakingly saved up over the years.

It was no surprise for Diana.

Rather, what surprised Diana was something else. She voiced her curiosity, asking, “Why don’t you
leave him?”

Leaving James would probably allow Kate to lead a better life.

Kate was stunned for a moment, as if completely shocked. She had lost the position of Mrs. Winnington
that she had held in such high regard, and lost all chances of riches, wealth, and glory. Even Old
Master Winnington had made clear that because of the huge losses Winnington Fashions suffered-
which effectively halved the Winnington’s family assets-he had issued the order of never allowing
James back home.

It could be said that if she were to continue following James Winnington, her chances of regaining her
past glory and wealth were nil.

And yet, Kate continued staying by his side.

“I…” She paused for a moment as a thought came to mind. ” I’m waiting for Lucy Landon?”

Diana repeated her words, slightly confused. ‘Waiting for Lucy Landon?”

Kaye nodded. ‘Yes. I want James to know how wrong he has been over the years. Ever since all this
misfortune befell us, Lucy ran as far as she could and never returned. Yet I willingly stayed by his side,
suffering alongside him. I want him to see for himself whether I or that Lucy Landon is better.”

Her words only served to deceive herself and others.

Diana could sense that Kate did have affections for James.

At the same time, her heart was deeply bitter. “I thought you were greedy for riches and sought glory
for yourself, which was why you refused to accept me and favored Kayla so much.

But now that I see it, you not liking me means just that.

It has nothing to do with riches and glory.

In fact…

You don’t favor Kayla that much, either. You just like her a bit more than you like me.

The thing you care most about is your own pride and dignity -the pride you want to preserve by hiding
the fact that James had betrayed you a long time ago!”

It was why Kate chose to turn a blind eye to Diana being abandoned and instead treated Kayla like a
precious treasure all these years. It was precisely because she refused to admit that James had long
betrayed her. She didn’t want people realizing that he was no longer her knight in shining armor.

Kate was completely stunned by Diana’s remark. Her mouth opened and closed, but she found no
words to say.

‘You don’t love anyone but yourself.” Diana took a deep breath. “You’ve never mentioned Kayla’s name
since you came here, not even once. In fact, you didn’t think of visiting her in jail. You didn’t even…”

Diana paused for a moment as disappointment filled her heart. ‘You never think of me except for when
it benefits you. Only then would you deign to call yourself my mother.”

But so what?

Did Diana have to bow down to Kate just because the latter proclaimed to be her mother?

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