Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 650

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‘You clearly saw the way I treated her, yet you simply stood idly by!

If your heart had really ached for her, why didn’t you go and get her back?

Why didn’t you kick up a fuss and make me chase Lucy and Kayla out of the house?!”

Of course, Kate didn’t dare to.

More than anything, she wanted to secure her status as Mrs. Winnington, and bask in the riches and
glory that came with that position.

She had pinned her hopes on Kayla, the daughter whom she had taught and cared for since young, to
bring her glory.

Yet now, the story of Kayla failing in forcing Julian to marry her had spread across the entire Richburgh.
What was more, her crime of kidnapping Julian’s wife and grandmother had shaken Richburgh’s elite
circles. Not only did Kayla fail in bringing Kate glory, but Kate should instead thank the heavens that
Kayla didn’t implicate her in everything she did and cause her to be the laughingstock of Richburgh!

What made matters worse was that Kayla had been sentenced to jail, and no one was allowed to visit

As for James…

He had become the public enemy of the Winnington clan after Winnington Fashions went bust.

His own father even chased him out of the family in person!

Fire burned in Kate’s heart when James hit the nail on the head, and she yelled even louder, ‘You
Winningtons had always been heartless! Be it the old or the young, all of you are heartless!”

James grabbed the back of her head, wanting to smash her head against the wall. “Then why did you
marry me in the first place?”

He had never done something like this in his whole life.

Usually, it was Lucy and Kayla who would egg him on in those filthy and heartless petty things he had

However, he was unable to bring himself to really attack Kate.

He slowly released his hand, and slid down the wall together with her.

The two of them glanced at each other dejectedly as they finally burst into tears. “From now on, you’re
the only kin I have left!” James cried.

“Me too!”

“No…! I still have Diana! I still have that good daughter! She isn’t a b*tch! She’s my savior!” James’s
eyes lit up. “Kate, go to the Fulchers’ and beg for forgiveness. Go! Diana will definitely show us mercy!”

James had clearly forgotten who was the one behind

Winnington Fashions going bust.

In the end, he and Kate had always moved wherever it benefited them.

The only one left who could possibly help them was Diana.

Kate was stunned by his shouts of desperation. A cynical smile crept up her face. “So now you’re
asking for my help? Why don’t you look for Lucy instead?”


That’s right, Lucy…

James looked disoriented. “Have you seen her at all, ever since these unfortunate events started
happening to us?”

Kate was stunned by his question. She shook her head, clueless. “No, not at all.”

Where on earth was Lucy?

Where was that woman when her own daughter Kayla and lover James were in trouble?

Where had she run off to?

In truth, Lucy hadn’t left Richburgh.

She had merely hidden herself and was waiting for her own boss to come to her and save her darling

After all, her boss was powerful and invincible.

He was her only way, and he was also the only person who could get Kayla out from jail right under
Julian’s nose.

This was the seventh day Lucy tried reaching out to him.

It was also the day her boss agreed to appear before her.

Lucy patiently waited at the underpass of a bridge.

Very soon, a limited edition silver Porsche stopped right before her. “Get in the car.”

It was the man who, since a very long time ago, guided her in drawing closer to James, helped her
scheme and plot, thought of the idea of genuine and imposter heiress, and of instigating James to
abandon Diana when she was young.

Because of this boss, Lucy had attained wealth beyond her imagination.

She had also made her own daughter the darling of the Winnington family.

But now, everything was back to square one.

Lucy was still down and out.

Kayla had turned into the one everyone hated and despised, and was no longer the darling of the
Winnington family.

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