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Chapter 647

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With that, he took a deep breath and walked out of the ward.

“Ridiculous!” Julian was clearly upset to see Oliver come and go in such a hurry.

Upon second thought, he turned to Diana and said with a smile, “Seems like he really doesn’t fancy
you anymore. He didn’t look jealous at all.”

The next moment, he shouted out loud as if a thought just entered his mind.

“Oliver Channing! Get back here! Why in the world do you not fancy my woman? She’s so charming!
Can’t you see that?!”

He yelled so loudly that his voice broke.

It was at a decibel similar to when Julian yelled at Oliver when Oliver lost to him at the last stage of the
successor activity when they were young.

It was worlds apart from Julian’s usual cold and cool CEO demeanor.

No matter what the reason may be, that level of loudness was nothing like Julian’s style.

Still, it did come from him.

Julian’s loud yell tickled Oliver.

This was the second time he was amused by Julian’s yell.

Ultimately, he had let Julian and Diana down.

That piece of paper…

It wasn’t a prescription, but a reminder to Julian. However, Oliver didn’t give it to Diana and flung it into
the trash can at the last moment.

The path ahead from now on…

Fatigue filled Oliver’s eyes, but at the same time, a strange light shone from them. This was it. He
could only be enemies with Julian Fulcher!

Julian only stopped venting his anger when Oliver and the rest walked out of sight. He laid down on the
bed grunting, as if he was still angry.

Diana knew nothing good had happened the moment she noticed Julian’s current condition. She
immediately put down the needle in her hand and waited for orders from him.

As she had expected, she heard Julian say, “Little nurse, my wound hurts. Come and help me
massage it.”

The bandage over his wound had just been removed, and Diana wasn’t a professional caretaker. How
would she dare to touch his wound?

Even so, Julian grabbed Diana’s hand and pressed it hard against his wound.

Seeing no particular reaction from him, a smile broke across Diana’s face. “You’ve recovered very

Julian nodded. “Didn’t Oliver say that just now?”

He turned to look at the two urns of ashes in the ward. “It’s time for me to be discharged.”

He wanted to bury Grandma and the babies in peace.

However, he stayed in the hospital for another two more days under Diana’s insistence. Diana finally
agreed to let him be discharged upon seeing that his wound was almost fully healed.

Noel saw how his master was completely pliant to Diana.

Julian even listened to Diana about when he should be discharged. Noel felt inevitably upset about it
and even swore to himself that he would never offer anyone any relationship advice, lest he were to
hold up anybody’s time.

On the day they buried Grandma, the weather was beautiful.

It had been a while since the weather was so good.

The warm sun shone down on everyone.

Diana hugged Grandma’s urn and personally placed it next to Grandpa’s ashes. She and Julian
watched as the two’s ashes were combined as one in the grave. When Grandpa’s grave was restored
to its original state, the burial ceremony was officially over.

Diana initially assumed that she wouldn’t feel sad again, but pain inevitably flitted through her heart at
that moment.

This time, however, she did not cry.

‘They were in love when alive and together even in death.” Diana smiled as she looked at Grandma
and Grandpa’s

grave. “Grandpa and Grandma must be very happy right now.”

They were a loving couple throughout their entire lives. This was an ending many could only wish for.

Julian agreed wholeheartedly. He then pointed at the left side of their grave. “Not just Grandpa and
Grandma, but my parents as well.”

Julian’s eyes were filled with intense yearning when he mentioned them. “In the past…they had a great
relationship too.”

As if he was afraid he spoke too much and appeared too sentimental, Julian stopped himself from
saying anything further and pulled Diana to the right side of the grave. He pointed to the empty space
next to their feet and said firmly, “In the future, let’s be buried next to Grandpa and Grandma, just like
my parents.”

To many, his words might bode unwell.

Yet Diana didn’t mind. In fact, the smile on her face deepened as she held his arm. “Sure.”

When both of them grow old and die, they would be buried here.

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