Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 645

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Yet, there was no way to tell Kenneth these words. The old man simply wouldn’t listen. Kenneth firmly
believed that Oliver was capable of anything, and surpassing Julian was only a matter of his
willingness, not whether it could be achieved.

Seeing Oliver remain silent for a long time, Kenneth softened his tone. “This opportunity to target
Fulcher Inc. is a once in a lifetime chance. Don’t you want to give it a try?”

He ignored the scattered beads on the ground as he stepped over them, causing cracking sounds to
echo in the room as he approached Oliver.

He whispered something into Oliver’s ear, something mindshattering and unexpected.

The content of those words was too shocking, and Oliver could hardly bring himself to speak.

“Y-You mean… Simon isn’t my stepbrother and isn’t related to me by blood? H-He’s…”

It was simply too shocking to finish the sentence.

But Kenneth continued to smile and nod. “You heard correctly. Simon is from the Fulcher family. But
from the day he was born, he became the Fulchers’ abandoned illegitimate child because Julian’s
mother couldn’t accept him.”

The situation grew increasingly absurd.

Everyone knew Julian’s parents had a loving relationship throughout their lives, and it was impossible
for an illegitimate child to appear so suddenly…

“It’s true.” Kenneth nodded. “Why do you think the Channing family, which has been in the spotlight all
these years, hasn’t been suppressed by Fulcher Inc.?”

Oliver blinked, and his expression twisted as he quickly realized the critical point. “Madam Fulcher?”

“Yes.” Kenneth sighed. “But now, she’s dead.”

All those years, the Channing family had helped cover up this scandal for the Fulcher family. With the
secret supporters gone and Julian unaware of the truth, what could he do to the Channing family in the

Kenneth had to make his move before Julian did.


Once Simon’s identity was exposed, the aftermath would be unpredictable and the Channing family
would lose control and initiative.

The death of Madam Fulcher unexpectedly triggered such a severe butterfly effect and revealed a
mind-blowing secret.

Oliver still found it hard to believe. “But Simon’s been with our family since he was young…”

“Yes,” Kenneth replied. “Too many complex factors are involved in this matter, and they’re all from the
previous generation. I had intended to keep it hidden from Simon for his entire life, but he actually
found out a long time ago.”

At this point, admiration entered Kenneth’s eyes as he continued, “So I thought this was the perfect
opportunity to bring down Julian. Simon is the sword we’ll use to strike him down!”

Oliver was shocked to hear everything. Yet, strangely, a faint sense of excitement hummed through his

He couldn’t understand if he was excited because of his father’s unwavering loyalty to him and his
mother, or…if it was because of the chance to confront Julian, something he never dared to think about
but secretly yearned for.

“Simon isn’t part of our family,” Kenneth said, seizing the opportunity while Oliver showed interest and
striking the iron while it was hot. “I know you originally had no intention of competing to be the family’s
heir, and you even considered handing over the management of the Channing family to him. But in
reality, his heart isn’t here. He’ll eventually flyaway.”

His tone serious, Kenneth continued, “Whether you want it or not, you have to bear the responsibility of
being the heir. Even if you’re reluctant to accept it, you still have to.”

In other words, Oliver had no choice, even if he didn’t want to get involved in the conflict against the
united power of the Pabians against Fulcher Inc.

Oliver looked at his aging father. For the first time, felt the weight of the burden on his shoulders.

He knew Kenneth’s health wouldn’t hold up for much longer.

The medical devices by the latter’s bedside had only increased since the last time he was here.

It was why Kenneth was so anxious to see what heights the Channings could reach under Oliver’s
leadership before he closed his eyes.

Alas, their enemy was Julian after all…

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