Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 644

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In the past few years, Master Channing’s health had deteriorated even further. He spent most of his
time recuperating in the hospital and stayed there more often than in his own home.

As Oliver pushed open the door and entered, he saw the old man’s hand gently caressing a string of
rosary beads. It seemed his father was waiting for him.

Oliver’s heart sank, but he still said, “Did you expect me to oppose this?”

“In the past few years, when have you not opposed any of my suggestions?” Kenneth looked at Oliver
with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “I didn’t expect you to agree to this proposal, either.”

The implication was that whether Oliver agreed or not, they would join forces with the Pabian family
and take action against the Fulcher family. At this point, Oliver knew that saying more would be futile.

“I won’t be involved in this.”

Kenneth smiled instantly, but it was unlike before when he and Oliver clashed head-on, where they
would argue relentlessly and refuse to compromise.

This time, he smiled as if he held onto Oliver’s lifeline.” Come here.”

Oliver didn’t move. “What is it?”

Over the years, whether it was Oliver’s decision to go abroad or his firm stance on not becoming the
heir of the Channing family, opting to work as a doctor at the city hospital and even insisting on starting
as an emergency room physician, Kenneth opposed him every step of the way.

Sometimes, the old man pretended to be sick, pretended to agree, and even had Oliver locked at
home, causing the latter to miss flights. Sometimes, he would get so angry that he would flare up, grab
whatever was at hand, and charge toward Oliver.

Never before had he looked at Oliver with such a smile.

Especially when it concerned the life and death of the Channing family, an undoubtedly momentous

“Dad…” Oliver sighed, unable to bear the thought of the Channing family truly confronting Julian head-
on. “I understand Julian the best. We’ve been rivals since childhood. Even if we join forces with the
Pabians or hundreds of other families, we won’t be able to shake him even a little bit.”

That man was too cunning, too intelligent, and too perceptive.

As soon as they make a move, Julian may have already set up intricate traps in the shadows.

Just who would end up being the prey and the hunter?

Even a slight misstep would be their downfall, causing them

to be easily devoured by Julian.

Kenneth had worked hard to bring the Channing family to this point, barely equal in status to Fulcher
Inc. It was unnecessary to risk destroying their own family.

“Do you think I’d do this if I didn’t have the confidence?”

Kenneth’s words made sense.

The Channing family’s position today wasn’t only due to its deep-rooted foundation, but also because
of Kenneth’s wise decisions. However, before each correct decision, he would consult Oliver.

This time, Oliver couldn’t escape his fate as a member of the Channing family.

Kenneth glanced at him. “Julian is indeed a shrewd individual and a business genius, a hundred times
stronger than his old man. That much I acknowledge.”

His words carried weight as he spoke firmly. “But this time…”

He shook his head at Oliver, the beads in his hand spinning rapidly, making a clattering sound. In sync
with his voice, he exuded an air of absolute confidence.

“If I didn’t have confidence, I wouldn’t do it.”

Oliver hesitated momentarily, finally showing some interest as he approached Kenneth. “But I still don’t
recommend taking action against Fulcher Inc…”

“How can you lack ambition like this?” Kenneth exclaimed. Oliver’s words had seemingly finally
provoked him and he got worked up, and the beads in his hand snapped apart.

As they clattered to the ground, they produced a clear and resounding sound, like silver pearls on a
jade plate.

“You’re clearly not inferior to Julian, so why are you afraid of him?”

Oliver wanted to say that he was indeed inferior to Julian. Even though he was the only one who could
match Julian during the heir training all those years ago, the more he understood, the more he realized
the gap between himself and Julian in the business world.

It was one thing to strategize behind his back, but to confront Julian head-on and even surpass him…

It was incredibly difficult-almost impossible.

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