Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 642

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After Luke’s death, the Pabian family remained low-key to the point their presence in Richburgh was
almost nonexistent.

It could be said that their family had been marginalized because of Julian.

“My youngest son first noticed Diana on the subway. Thanks to the help of my wise nephew, a major
disaster was prevented,” Clifford said as soon as Oliver took his seat.

Oliver’s heart skipped a beat, not understanding why the older man suddenly brought Luke up. That
man was already dead. The cause of his death was his repeated attempts on Diana’s life, with the final
line being an ambush on Julian that resulted in a blow to the back of Diana’s head, leading to her

Oliver vividly remembered Diana’s vulnerability and sorrow at that time.

He immediately became guarded. “Mr. Clifford, you must be joking. Back then, I didn’t know that person
was Luke.

Otherwise, I would’ve informed you right away.”

“That unfilial son….” Clifford’s eyes flashed with great resentment. “Just like his grandfather! Always
obsessed with women! And he died because of a woman!”

Clifford had already prepared himself for his son’s death, but never expected the outcome to be this

“Even in the last second before his death, my son couldn’t understand why he died by my hands.”

After hearing this, Oliver and Simon were stunned.

Neither of them had expected Luke’s disappearance to mean he was dead, nor the fact that he died by
his own father’s hands.

Sensing their astonishment, Clifford smiled and hid the underlying sadness behind it. He raised his
glass and sighed, “Richburgh has suffered under the dominance of Fulcher Inc. for too long.”

His gaze shifted between the two brothers. “If I hadn’t killed Luke, not only would Julian not spare me,
but those who want to curry favor with him wouldn’t spare me either!”

That was how the society in this country had always been. The truly wealthy people have no concept of
money at all.

Just like Julian.

Although making billions of dollars was as easy as talking to Julian, money was often just a number.
And this number expanded at a rate of thousands or hundreds of times every day. Many times, he
didn’t even need to spend money himself. He didn’t need to intervene personally in most matters. In
fact, money and favors were willingly presented to him.

On top of that, there were many, many people who wanted to please Julian.

Enough that if rumors were circulated for a short time, the

Pabian family would be completely destroyed!

If Clifford wanted to protect his family, he had to deal with his son personally.

If he hadn’t done that, the Pabian family would’ve been devoured and left with nothing but crumbs once
news of them offending the Fulcher family spread.

That was the rule of high society. Whoever offended the person standing at the top will pay a painful

And now, the person standing at the top was Julian.

As many people respected and feared him and tried to curry favor with him, there were just as many
eager to bring him down from his pedestal; just like the ambitious Channing and Pabian family, who
harbored a deep hatred for Julian.

That was the reason behind tonight’s event. Oliver was forced to attend the banquet, with Simon
accompanying him and the Pabian family playing host. It seemed Master Channing also intended to
test and see the Pabian family’s determination to take action against the Fulcher family.

“Just the two of our families are still far from enough,” Clifford said.

He had a clear plan in mind. The death of Luke wasn’t so much the cause of the plan as it was a
catalyst. After all, the Pabians had been on a downhill slope in these years. If they didn’t take a bold
gamble, the only outcome awaiting them would betheir decline.

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