Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 641

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Diana pursed her lips, exerting great effort to resist the urge to hit Julian.

‘I won’t get angry. I’m not angry,’ she chanted in her mind as she moved her arms up and down while
saying out loud, “If you get sick, there’s no one to take care of you.”

As soon as she said that, she quickly went to find the nurses, instructing them to administer the
prescribed antibiotics to Julian through an IV drip.

The liquid dripped steadily.

Julian could move his hand, and the cold medicine made him appear slightly uncomfortable. Diana
quickly wrapped a hot water bag around the tube to warm the medication.

“You’ll feel better this way.”

Julian was concerned that she was tiring herself and said,” I’m fine. You should rest.”

But Diana didn’t listen. He needed three bottles of medication, so she held them up for the entire
duration. By the time the last medication was administered, Julian was angry.

Scowling, he said, “Next time you do this, I won’t use the IV drip.”

Diana quickly appeased him. “I’m not tired.”

She rotated her wrist a few times to show him. “See? I’m really not tired.”

The next time he needed an IV drip, Julian insisted that the doctor use a smaller needle. And in the
evening, he was still upset.

No matter how much Diana tried to sweet-talk him, his expression remained very displeased. A sudden
thought occurred to her, and she put on a white coat.

“Mr. Fulcher, I’m just a nurse. Please don’t give me a hard time.”

Julian looked at her, and shock flashed through his eyes.” Diana…”

To make him happy, she even put on a doctor’s coat.

It was then that Julian realized that while he was concerned for her, he had also caused her distress.
So this time, he cooperated well.

Frowning, he demanded, “I’m thirsty! Quickly pour me some water!”

Seeing him finally regain his humor, Diana breathed a sigh of relief and quickly brought a cup. “Drink

Their feelings for each other were evident to others as well.

The hospital room exuded a warm and peaceful atmosphere. When the nurses came for rounds and
saw how affectionate the couple was, they didn’t dare linger.

Diana felt a bit awkward and realized that she had been impulsive. She could already imagine the
curious gazes everywhere once they stepped out of the hospital room tomorrow morning.

Perhaps people would even spread rumors about her and Julian goofing around in their white coats
outside the hospital.

“Don’t you feel embarrassed?” she asked.

“Embarrassed?” Julian remained confident. “Who would dare to embarrass me?”

Even if people spread rumors about their antics, others would say it was a testament to their deep love
as a couple. Even if they were divorced, their relationship was still so strong. Reconciliation was
probably on the horizon.

And Julian, he wanted the whole city to know.

No one cared about the essence of the matter. They were only looking at Julian as a person, so
naturally, they would say whatever sounded good.

“You’re so arrogant,” Diana scoffed. “What if you go bankrupt one day? Will you still say such things?”

Julian chuckled, dismissing her words as a joke.

At that time, he was too proud.

Fulcher Inc. was thriving, and the city’s people practically treated his business as a sacred institution.
Many individuals were eager to curry favor with the Fulchers. Even Diana had become the city’s most
sought-after woman after he had knelt at the wedding.

Neither Julian nor Diana could have anticipated the trials and tribulations that awaited them, advancing
like a rising tide as they were just beginning to touch the surface of a peaceful life.

Clifford, the current head of the Pabian family, sat at the head of the dining table. Sitting on either side
of him were Oliver and Simon, the two Channing brothers.

It was rare for the two brothers to sit together, but today was an exception. The Channing family head
had strongly insisted that they visit the Pabian residence together.

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