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Chapter 640

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That meant Julian wanted seedless grapes.

The sadness that arose when thinking about the babies and Madam Fulcher was somewhat diluted by
his presence.

Diana stood and appeared to want to rush downstairs. “I’ll go buy it for you.”

“No need.” Julian saw her downcast expression brighten up, and a hint of delight flashed in his eyes.

He pointed to the bedside. “We have some right here, but these grapes still have seeds.”

In other words, Diana had to peel each grape and remove the seeds individually.

“Nurses don’t usually do this kind of work, do they?” Diana said as she looked at the fruits,
contemplating when she would finish peeling them before glancing at him silently.

Without glancing at her, Julian reclined on the hospital bed and said, “But my nurse does this kind of
work. I want her to do whatever I ask.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want to?”

If she didn’t, he would continue to be upset with her.

“…I want to,” Diana said eventually, giving in.

Well, she was the one who didn’t believe him in the first place. She had feared he would favor Kayla
over, or…

What if, just like his inability to find the abandoned area where she and Madam Fulcher were held
hostage, he couldn’t force Kayla to reveal the location of the ashes and couldn’t retrieve them…?

However, Diana had forgotten.

Julian couldn’t find the abandoned area in time because she and her grandmother were hostages.

He couldn’t act freely.

He couldn’t force Kayla to reveal the address where the captives were held.

Now, it was different.

Kayla had nothing left to bargain with, not even the debt of saving her life that disappeared with the
stab wound she aimed at Julian.

What, then, was stopping him from forcing everything out of Kayla?

Diana realized all of this, and naturally felt even more guilty toward Julian.

She didn’t dare to upset him right now. She wished he would quickly give her more tasks so he could
vent his frustrations, and they could return to harmonious times.

“I’ll peel them.”

Diana washed her hands and sat at the edge of the bed, and started to peel the grapes diligently.

Julian saw her serious expression and glanced at the urn containing the ashes of Madam Fulcher and
their babies. Diana had placed it in the hospital room for the time being. His expression darkened
slightly, and a hint of pain flickered in his eyes. But when he looked back at Diana, it was gone.

Only playfulness remained.

Diana knew he was staring at her, and said, “Could you please look elsewhere?”

His gaze made her hands tremble.

“Do you feel embarrassed?”

Diana certainly wouldn’t admit that his intense gaze made her feel self-conscious.

“No, I’m just afraid you’ll see me putting grapes in my mouth and keeping the seeds and peels inside,
and then spitting out the pulp as if I had peeled them by hand.”

“So, you wanted to peel them like that…” Julian drawled deliberately, appearing eager for knowledge.
“That’s actually a quick and efficient way to do it.”

However, the peeled pulp would be covered in saliva, which was somewhat disgusting.

Diana narrowed her eyes and stuffed a grape into her mouth. “What, do you want to eat it or not?”

“Of course.”

No matter how Diana acted, Julian found her adorable.

“I’ll eat anything you peel, especially since the grapes won’t have any seeds left. That’s quite thoughtful
of you.” Julian smiled playfully. “I’m not picky!”

He didn’t find it disgusting, but Diana did.

She shuddered and pursed her lips. “Smooth talker!”

She abruptly swallowed the grape before moving to peel off the skin of another grape. Then, she used
a toothpick to pick out each grape seed.

She was meticulous in picking out the seeds; there was a faint smile on her lips as she carried out her

That was because Julian was teasing her.

Seeing her smile, he felt satisfied.

With both hands avoiding his wounds, he placed them behind his head and leaned back as he watched
her in earnest.

It was peaceful, and although the two of them were silent, it felt like they were communicating a
thousand words to each other.

Time continued to flow silently in the same manner, until Diana finished peeling the grapes. She
stopped and looked at him. “Do you want to eat or not?”


Julian wanted to tease her and keep her engaged so that she would stop dwelling on any sad and
painful thoughts. He intentionally nitpicked her work and said, “The shape of the pulp is all messed up. I
don’t think it’ll taste good.”

After saying that, he pointed dismissively at his leg. “Also, my leg hurts.”

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