Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 639

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If it weren’t for Luke setting his sights on Diana and biting off more than he could chew, he would have
likely become an old scum who specialized in tormenting women, just like the Pabian family head.

In short, the entire Pabian family was rotten.

Now that Luke’s father had dealt with him personally, it could be considered karma to the Pabian family.
Thus, Julian tacitly accepted their offering.

Next would be Hans the kidnapper, who was originally a vicious killer. Before his downfall, Julian had
Noel investigate him. They discovered that he committed a crime when he was a minor, indirectly
causing the death of a family of three. However, he was only sentenced to a few months of
rehabilitation due to his age.

As he grew older, he started targeting young children simply because a child had accidentally stepped
on his foot in an elevator. Hans held a grudge and went straight to the rooftop; he then dropped a
flowerpot that hit the child’s head, killing the child on the spot.

Once again, Hans couldn’t be sentenced to death due to insufficient evidence. Ultimately, he only spent
twenty years in prison for throwing an object from a high-rise building. When he was released, he
became a societal scum involved in vices like gambling and drugs.

It was during this time he joined hands with Kayla, indirectly causing the death of Madam Fulcher.
Julian would absolutely not let Hans off. But before he could take action, someone else beat him to it
and tortured Hans to the point he was reduced to an unrecognizable corpse.

Considering what had happened, Julian couldn’t be accused of using someone else as a tool to commit
murder. It could only be said that the wheel of karma turned, and the heavens spared no one.

Julian was merely a passive bystander in this case. He didn’t believe he had done anything wrong.

These things were exactly in line with Julian’s cunning style.

Diana felt relieved and took the USB drive. “So where’s Kayla now? Is she still in the morgue?”

Noel smiled and remained silent.

“Once you watch the tape, you’ll know everything,” he said.

Diana didn’t ask any further questions. Behind her, Julian urged, “Hurry up and come in!”

Because Diana had been distant today, they had agreed to play a game of patient and nurse to make
up for the hurt she caused Julian.

Julian would play the patient, obviously, and Diana would play the nurse.

He said that if she played this game with him, he would no longer be angry with her. Thinking about
this, Diana blushed and quickly put away the USB drive.

Then she said to Noel, “I’ll watch it when I have time.”

Kayla couldn’t escape now, no matter what. Diana was actually quite eager to see how things would
unfold for the former.

As for the ashes of her babies… After entering the hospital room, she placed them with Madam
Fulcher’s ashes. They would be taken to the Fulcher family cemetery once Julian was discharged.

She didn’t plan to put their babies in the previous cemetery anymore. There were no family members to
look after the ashes, and it was indeed unsafe. She couldn’t let her little stars endure the pain of being
disturbed again.

“Peel me some grapes,” Julian ordered.

He noticed her eyes were slightly red after she had set down the ashes, and his gaze dimmed
momentarily. Soon, however, that sorrowful emotion vanished.

He grinned at Diana and deliberately raised his foot, lying on the hospital bed like a tyrant as he bossed
her around.

Make sure there’s no skin at all. And take out the seeds, will you?”

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