Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 636

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Kayla’s world collapsed. Driven to the edge, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “How dare you,
Julian! How dare you treat me like this in a hospital, in broad daylight and with so many eyes in
Richburgh to boot! We have laws in this country! The world is still just and fair!”

Julian ignored her words.

When he no longer cared about someone, this was how he behaved.

He would treat the other person as if they were air.

Even less than that, in fact!

The stab to the heart-an attack that could have taken Diana’s life but instead left him severely injured-
as well as the two knife marks on his palm, had erased any and all vestiges of affection he had for

No matter what Kayla said, he acted as if he couldn’t hear a thing.

This was the epitome of his indifference.

This was his way of severing all emotional ties with someone. Unlike with Diana before, where they
were entangled, he would fret over what she did, said, and thought every day.

He should’ve understood long ago that his feelings for Kayla weren’t love.

Yet he still indulged her, causing a great deal of harm to Diana in the process.

He also nurtured Kayla’s increasingly outrageous behavior.

“Diana, let’s go back to the hospital room with me.” Julian had no intention of letting Diana witness Noel
dealing with Kayla. “We still have some things to settle between us.”

His words made Diana guilty, but she was still concerned about the ashes. “What about the ashes?”

“Noel will handle it.” He would ensure Kayla paid the price for desecrating the grave and preventing the
babies from finding peace.

With each incident, Kayla accumulated a mountain of debt.

With those assurances, Diana had no reason to distrust Julian again.

“Are you really confident in getting them back?” Diana pressed.

“I’m not,” Julian replied with a smirk that hid his emotions.

Diana furrowed her brows, momentarily unsure of what to say.

Fortunately, the next moment, he added, ‘But Noel is.”

If Noel could do it, didn’t that indirectly mean that Julian could?

The fact that this man started telling her a dark joke…

That showed he wasn’t too angry.

Diana felt a surge of relief and smiled sweetly at him.” Julian, you’re the best.”

“I’m not,” he replied as he lay on the bed, slowly being pushed out of the morgue. “If I am, my ex-wife
wouldn’t have made empty promises to me and claimed to be my family, only to turn around and treat
me like a stranger she has zero trust in.”

The medical staff around them rarely had the chance to see the usually aloof Julian argue. Some
couldn’t help but laugh at his words.

Diana blushed in embarrassment and glanced awkwardly at Julian. She quickly addressed everyone,
“Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

When did she ever treat him like a stranger?

She was just…

Trying to ensure her babies’ ashes would be returned to her without question.

Who knew Julian would be so heartless that he’d leave the matter to Noel?

He didn’t even care about the methods Noel would resort to.

Thinking about this, Diana recalled Noel’s description of Hans’s miserable state before coming to the

Feeling quite disturbed, she said, ‘ Kayla… What will happen to her?”

“What about her?” Julian countered with the words she had previously told him. “Do you really consider
her a sister?

Now that you’re thinking about the punishment she might face, you’re suddenly reluctant?”

He knew very well that Diana couldn’t possibly regard Kayla as a sister.

Her previous claim about wanting Julian to let Kayla go because they were sisters was just an excuse;
and now, he was teasing her with those very words!

Diana sighed helplessly. Now, she could only say the truth.” It’s true she did a lot of unacceptable
things to us, and I desperately wished for her death. But in reality… We share the same father, and she
really is my half-sister.”

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