Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 637

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Now that the two sisters had reached this point, it would be a lie for Diana to say that she wasn’t
regretful about it.

Despite that, there was no distress or reluctance in her heart.

Not a single bit.

The sisterly bond between her and Kayla had been slowly eroded by both the Winnington family and
Kayla herself.

Diana gritted her teeth and looked determinedly at Julian.” That said, I still want to know what will
happen to her.”

Though she sought revenge for every slight, she still retained a sense of humanity. No matter how
many hardships she faced, her kindness remained. She was akin to a warm sun, and Julian was
unable to ignore that wonderful warmth. It made him all the more eager to get closer to her.

Unable to resist his emotions, he chuckled, skin and bones shifting with his smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll have
Noel record the entire process for you.”

“But what if the process is as bloody as what happened to Hans…?” Diana choked out, a hint of
reluctance flashing in her eyes. “Maybe I shouldn’t watch.”

“Whether it is or not, you’ll know once you watch it.”

Since he insisted on showing her the entire process of Kayla getting her just deserts, Diana had no
choice but to agree.

So she nodded and said, “Alright.”

Then, she entered the hospital room together with Julian.

By now, the sky carried a faint tinge of white. The days passed slowly after the beginning of winter, and
the pale light looked like a fish with its belly exposed-slow and heavy.

It wasn’t exactly good weather.

As expected, by noon, a strong wind began to blow. Richburgh was always like this. Spring and autumn
were brief like a gust of wind, but the harsh winters and scorching summers felt like lingering ghosts,
swift and prolonged.

On such a day, Diana received her babies’ ashes from Noel. She looked at the small tube, then stared
at the minuscule amount of ashes inside. A sharp ache struck her heart.

No one could understand the pain of losing a baby better than her, and no one knew better than her the
expectations she once held for her babies. She would rather have never experienced it than go through
such a painful loss.

But now, all she had left was just a tiny bit of ashes to cherish. Consequently, she felt a certain
gratitude towards Noel, since he handed the ashes to her.

At this point, Diana couldn’t help but marvel at Julian’s cunning. The reason he didn’t take action
against Kayla himself was to ensure Diana would have a good impression of Noel, and not harbor any
resentment towards him because of what Mr. Carter had done to her.

Diana cursed Julian in her mind. ‘Cunning old fox.’

However, she had to admit that his method was very effective. She did indeed feel a growing fondness
for Noel. At the very least, she was at least able to see him without prejudice, unlike before.

“How’s Mr. Carter?” She still wanted to know the outcome of the person who had hurt her in the past.

This was the second time Diana inquired about Mr. Carter. Noel couldn’t help but feel touched.

He answered truthfully, “My father.Js not doing well.”

Ever since Julian dismissed the old man and he was forced to return to his hometown, he had
wandered around like a lost soul. He even thought about pleading to Noel to take him back to the villa,
as he hoped for a chance to beg for Julian’s forgiveness.

Noel knew better; if Julian saw the old man, it wouldn’t just be a matter of begging for forgiveness.
Even Noel himself wouldn’t be able to stay by Julian’s side.

It was an indisputable fact that Mr. Carter had been in the wrong. No amount of begging would change

“He has aged a lot. He cries whenever he sees white powder, and sometimes, his mind is unclear.”

Despite Mr. Carter’s many years of service as a butler, Julian didn’t look at all pleased when Mr. Carter
left. Every word Julian said to the old man was piercing. What was more, everything Mr. Carter
received from Kayla had been destroyed.

Mr. Carter had knelt in the mess; his knees bloody and the flesh shredded by the shattered porcelain,
teacups, and wood.

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