Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 635

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But now, everything was so calm that Diana turned anxious.

She thought for a long time, but she couldn’t come up with any retort. Every word from Julian’s lips
struck her heart and echoed in her mind.

“Julian…” Her voice was slightly hoarse as she looked at him cautiously and touched his fingertips
gently. “Please don’t be angry.”

Julian could sense her attempt to please him. As he felt her fingertips brush against his, most of the
anger in his heart had already dissipated.

He didn’t blame her.

The fact she had these strange thoughts stemmed from his failure to provide enough security to her.

To begin with, everything was his fault.

However, he had no intention of easily forgiving her.

He maintained an icy poker face, and sighed with great disappointment. “We’ll talk about our problems

Then, he shifted his gaze and directed his anger toward Kayla once again.

His eyes were akin to a shroud, enveloping her in complete darkness. It seemed to perceive the gloom
of a morgue wherever it fell, and it sent shivers down her spine.

The sensation was similar to that of venomous snakes slithering all over her, which made her skin

She never expected that when she took on Julian’s anger, even when he hadn’t done anything, the
pressure was such that she wished could die in this instant.

No wonder only Hans had been daring enough to accept her proposal when she first arranged Diana
and Madam Fulcher’s kidnapping. Hans, who was reckless and only cared about money!


That’s right, Hans!

How could she have forgotten about him?

Kayla swallowed harshly and said in a hoarse voice, “It was Hans! It was all his fault! He instigated me
to target

Grandma and Diana. It was him! He did it all! You should punish him, Julian, not me! It was him!”

She was careful not to address Madam Fulcher as an old hag anymore.

Julian chuckled, his tone filled with mockery. “There’s no need to punish him. Someone’s already taken
care of that for me. It’s the same with Luke. Sometimes, I don’t have to intervene. Someone else will
eliminate those scumbags for me.”


What a casual way of putting it!

Kayla’s face turned ashen. “He’s…dead? Like Luke…?”


This time, it was Diana who answered. Seeing that Julian was reluctant to speak up and demand her
babies’ ashes from Kayla, her anxiety spiked. She feared Kayla would be as stubborn as a mule and
remain indifferent.

If Kayla refused to give the ashes…

With those thoughts in mind, Diana recounted the gory narration Noel gave her regarding Hans’s death
to Kayla. The horrifyingly bloody scenes were one thing to hear in the bright and spacious hospital
room, but quite another in this gloomy and chilling morgue.

The impact was even more intimidating with Diana’s shrill voice; enveloped by the gloom of the place,
her voice echoed like an eerie surround sound system.

“If you refuse to hand over the ashes, your fate will be worse than Luke’s!”

Kayla trembled in fear.

She didn’t want to die, and certainly not in such a horrific manner!

Whether it was Luke or Hans, none of them had Julian personally involved. And yet, they all met with
such a chilling end.

If Julian personally took action against her…

Julian glanced at Diana. He was currently relishing the

intimidating aura she was exuding. In essence, she was leveraging his influence to strike fear deep into
Kayla’s heart.

Ultimately, he didn’t truly believe that he was so incapable that he couldn’t even retrieve the ashes of
their babies.

Sometimes, he was just easily sidetracked by his own overthinking.

To support her, Julian gestured slightly and slowly glanced outward. Immediately, Noel appeared with a
team of bodyguards.

They were still dressed in black, creating a stark contrast with the white-covered bodies lying in the

“Don’t disturb the spirits,” Julian told the bodyguards.

He looked at Kayla once again, this time with a smirk. “After all, Kayla and I were friends for many
years. I must be considerate of her to some extent. If the spirits here are disturbed, they probably won’t
welcome her into their ranks.”

In other words, Julian intended to take her life today!

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