Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 634

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“Will you really become my family?” Julian threw the words Diana had told him last night.

Diana’s heart skipped a beat as she immediately understood the reason for Julian’s angry glare.

Her face turned pale as she hurried to reply. “Julian, those were my true feelings. I really do want to be
with you-to go from lovers to family.”



“Then… Why didn’t you trust me?”

Diana was taken aback by his words.

Her worst fear had come true.

In the course of the uncontrollable events, Julian had already guessed the nature of Diana’s deal with

He had already figured out why she didn’t tell him about the ashes.

And… He had guessed that there were more details about the grave-robbing incident she had hidden
from him.

In short, the reason for all her actions was because she had never truly trusted him.

Kayla digging the grave aside, Julian understood the way

Diana acted before this. Since she couldn’t confirm his true intentions and didn’t believe he would favor
her and her babies, she came to the conclusion that Julian would continue to indulge Kayla no matter
what she did.

But this time, with the deal she made with Kayla…

It blatantly exposed her lack of trust in Julian.

Julian, who had just taken a blow for her and truly regarded Diana as his only family after his
grandmother’s passing, found this fact incredibly hard to accept.

“Diana.” Disappointment laced Julian’s voice, “How many more things are you keeping from me?”

Well, there were only a few.

He already knew about the ashes, so the only thing left was the truth about how Diana had saved his
life in his childhood.

Seeing Julian’s disappointed expression, however, she didn’t dare bring that up now.

T-There isn’t…anymore.” She could only start with something pleasant, hoping to prevent him from
getting angry or reopening old wounds. “I didn’t tell you about the ashes because…”

“Because you thought since I couldn’t even find where you and Grandma were kidnapped, I was

“No…!” Diana waved her hands repeatedly. She had never thought of it that way!

Especially not to the extent of deeming Julian as incompetent.

Kayla was too audacious and too cunning; so much that she was able to drag Diana and Madam
Fulcher to that desolate wasteland in the forgotten corners of the city.

Diana didn’t blame Julian.

Truly, she never did.

She knew he had done his best.

However, he didn’t give her a chance to speak and continued, “You probably think that even if you told
me about the ashes, it’d be difficult for me to find them because Kayla hid them. You couldn’t bear the
pain of losing your only remaining connection to your babies, especially if she decided against
revealing the location to you. It’s obvious you don’t trust me at all. At the same time, you feel guilty for
pleading on her behalf. You think that if I release her, it’d disappoint Grandma since she caused
Grandma’s death. And so, you plan to have me free her. Once you retrieve the ashes safely, you’ll deal
with her in private. You never bothered considering the consequences or seeking my help. This just
proves how little you trust me!” ’

Since she lacked trust in him and couldn’t rely on him, how could she be his only family in this world?

When she made that promise to him, she clearly hadn’t meant it!

The more Julian thought about it, the more upset he became. He wished he could pin Diana down on
the bed and spank her.

He wanted her to remember this mistake for the rest of her life!

Yet at this moment, he was still lying in the bed and required the assistance of medical personnel to
move. Spanking her… was well beyond out of his reach.

As he couldn’t even carry out his envisioned punishment, it left him frustrated. His voice became
increasingly subdued.

Meanwhile, Diana grew more and more panicked.

She would prefer if he had yelled at her instead.

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