Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 633

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And then, everything happened quickly.

“Kayla,” Julian snarled coldly; his voice sounded eerier as it echoed in the morgue.

The room felt even emptier, and the atmosphere grew much colder.

Kayla instinctively shuddered.

Through gritted teeth, Julian hissed, “Did you disturb the babies’ graves? Did you take their ashes?”

There was a seething fury in his words as they passed through his lips; for a moment, it felt as if he had
already torn Kayla apart in rage.

Diana finally realized that he had probably now only guessed what Kayla had done.

Kayla had only mentioned the ashes in passing, but Julian was already pouncing like a leopard lying in
wait, eager to sink his teeth into his prey right at its core.

And Kayla was that very prey.

It was clear Kayla couldn’t defend herself. Now, she finally realized the magnitude of her mistake.

She had practically admitted to committing such outrageous things as digging up a grave and taking
the babies’ ashes, and she had said it right before Julian!

“No… T-That’s not…” she tried to explain, but why would the man give her a chance to justify her

All the resentment and anger Julian suffered from the recent days had transformed into power in his
hands. He loomed close to Kayla, his face resembling a sinister devil.” If you dare to lie, I promise you,
you’ll suffer an even more gruesome death.”

Whether Kayla spoke or not right now, there was no escape for her.

She instinctively looked towards Diana, but the latter was evidently also taken aback by the current turn
of events.

She didn’t expect Julian to be so direct and perceptive.

What’s more, she never imagined that this was Julian’s first time hearing about the grave incident. It
was no wonder he didn’t react earlier… It wasn’t because he favored Kayla. It was that he simply
hadn’t known!

He had been kept in the dark all along.

Diana didn’t expect Kayla’s grave-digging to be exposed now; it immediately pushed Kayla onto the
path of certain death!

Kayla being Kayla, she refused to accept her fate so easily. She continued to seek help through her
eyes, hoping for Diana to speak up for her.

However, Diana now understood the situation.

Julian had never intended to let Kayla off the hook-and now, it was even more impossible for him to
spare her.

At this point, Diana didn’t need to plead for mercy for Kayla. She didn’t want Julian to be disheartened
because of this matter.

Yet, Julian’s heart was already cold.

He now wished nothing more than to tear Kayla apart and teach her a good lesson, but what infuriated
him even more was Diana.

Even when things had reached this point, she still refused to put full trust in him!

“You…” His eyes turned a terrifying red as he turned to look at Diana. “What has Kayla done?”

Diana was startled.

She didn’t understand why Julian suddenly shifted the focus of the conflict onto her.

But even if she didn’t say anything, there were many things that couldn’t be hidden anymore.

If Julian caught onto the thread of the matter, he would unravel the entire situation.

As such, Diana could only say the truth. “She didn’t just disturb the babies’ graves, but she also dug up

“Diana!” Kayla screamed. She gritted her teeth, awash by an overwhelming sense of fear. “You’re not
allowed to say it! You can’t!!!”

The more she protested, the less reason Diana had to conceal the truth.

“She dug up the babies’ graves along with James.”

For that very reason, Diana ruined the clothing industry James and Kayla had developed.

“So now…” Julian took a sharp breath, clenching his fists in anger. “The reason you pleaded on behalf
of Kayla is

because she dug up the graves and took the babies’ ashes?”

Diana nodded.

It was an implicit admission.

At the same time, she closed her eyes, unable to bear witness to Kayla’s fate.

Yet, the expected scene and sounds didn’t come.

Instead, Diana could keenly feel an intense gaze that seemed to be aimed at her. When she reopened
her eyes, she discovered that it came from Julian.

He was looking at her as if she were a stranger.

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