Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 632

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Diana clenched her fist tightly.

She was furious.

Furious at Kayla for being truly ruthless and disregarding Madam Fulcher’s life!

Even now, after Madam Fulcher had just passed away, Kayla took pleasure in their misfortune.

No matter what had happened, the older woman was still Julian’s grandmother. If Kayla genuinely
loved Julian, how could she hold such resentment against the old lady and eagerly awaited harm to
befall said person?

At this moment, Diana suddenly understood why Madam Fulcher had deceived Kayla into leaving the
country. The old woman had long seen through Kayla and her superficial feelings for Julian.

Kayla’s love for Julian’s worth as a person was far less than her love for his status and wealth.

Diana couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted angrily, “Kayla!”

When she yelled, Kayla looked at her in astonishment.

Kayla seemed to have realized there was still hope. Disregarding her dignity, she desperately crawled
toward Diana and cried desperately, “My dear sister… Please save me! Help me!”

She was willing to give Diana the ashes.

She really was!

However, Diana didn’t react as she had expected. Diana didn’t even take a step towards her. Instead,
the woman’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Seeing that Diana remained indifferent to her plea, Kayla turned to Julian and begged, “Julian, I’m your
savior! You can’t treat me like this!”

She was like a leaping jester, constantly switching between insulting and begging, switching between
Julian and Diana.

It seemed that the gloomy morgue had already driven her to the point of at least half a mental

“Don’t mention that.”

She spent a while making a commotion, but then Julian interrupted her coldly, “I don’t have a savior like
you. Had I known someone like you would save me, I wouldn’t have walked out of that cave alive!”

Kayla froze.

Instinctively, she looked up at Diana.

Despite everything that had happened, Diana still hadn’t revealed to Julian the truth about her being his

If that was the case, why was Kayla still locked up in this damn morgue?

Diana should’ve rescued her a long time ago…

It was definitely because Diana was a treacherous b*tch!

“Why won’t you save me? Why won’t you let Julian release me?!” Kayla glared at Diana, her eyes filled
with fury. “Don’t you even want the ashes? You evil wench!”

Diana didn’t react, but Julian spoke first. “Ashes?”

His dark, inky eyes, as sharp as a sword, pierced through Kayla as they landed on her. He looked as if
he wanted to put her on the edge of a blade and wouldn’t relent until he split her into half.

The intimidating air around him silenced Kayla instantly.

“Are you talking about Grandma’s ashes?” Julian pressed, puzzled. Unable he turned to Diana in
hopes for an answer.

Kayla’s mention of ashes had nothing to do with Madam Fulcher. She was simply referring to the ashes
of Diana’s babies that she held as leverage.

Yet at this moment, Diana still couldn’t bring herself to tell Julian the truth. Had she done so, Julian’s
hatred towards Kayla would only intensify. 1

And when that happened…

Kayla would be in even greater trouble, and any pleas for mercy from her would be futile.

Would Kayla still hand over the ashes by then?

It was highly unlikely. Diana couldn’t risk that consequence.

Feeling helpless, she nodded and shook her head at the same time.

“It seems unrelated to Grandma’s ashes.”

Otherwise, Diana would’ve refuted Kayla’s offer and wouldn’t act this way.

However, Julian was a sharp man; his cleverness was such that he could see through the details and
grasp the truth from people.

Julian withdrew his gaze from Diana and directed it towards Kayla. “Looks like the problem lies with the

This was his first time observing the two sisters in such close proximity.

Ignoring the scar on Kayla’s face, they did bear a very close resemblance; almost identical, in fact.
However, their personalities were a whole different story.

He couldn’t help but wonder how on earth had he convinced himself that Diana was a substitute for
Kayla without ever considering their differences before.

He sneered; as if mocking himself and Kayla at the same time.

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