Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 631

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They walked in slowly. Diana saw the morgue room straight ahead, and her eyes widened at the sight.

Was Kayla locked in a morgue?!

Diana suddenly shuddered and quickly looked at Julian, who nodded in confirmation at her thoughts.

As expected from someone like him.

Now, she found herself in awe of him.

Being locked in such a place would frighten anyone, let alone someone like Kayla, who had been
pampered to high heavens since childhood.

Tricking and deceiving others was one thing, but experiencing such a terrifying scene firsthand was

Diana felt a chilling breeze blow past, and shivered. Looking inside, she saw rows of bodies covered in
white cloth.

Even though she had grown up in the rough countryside and wasn’t a weak-hearted person, she still
struggled to hold herself together in a place like this.

When she heard some strange sounds, she jolted like a shrimp jumping out of the water and shifted
closer to Julian. Julian’s lips curled into a smile at her reaction, and he took the initiative to hold her
hand, which was within arm’s reach.

“Come here,” Julian beckoned.

As long as Diana stayed by his side, there wasn’t any need to be afraid.

Diana did indeed feel more at ease. She followed him inside, and soon, they heard screams echoing.

“Ahhh! Stay away from me! Who the hell is it?!”

The screams continued as the two made their way further in.

“Ahhhh! Don’t move! Don’t! Sob, sob… Please! Please spare me… Sob…”

The one screaming was none other than Kayla. She was crouched in the corner, her hands covering
her ears and face buried between her legs. She trembled all over, and her body was twitching

She had assumed that the sounds Julian and Diana made while coming in were the corpses coming to


As their footsteps approached her, Kayla’s screams grew louder. Her hoarse and shrill voice pierced
through the room, like glass shattering in the night sky.

“Enough!” Julian roared.

Perhaps due to annoyance, there was a hint of impatience in his expression when he shouted. He
gestured for someone to hold Kayla’s head up.

Once Kayla saw who it was, she stopped screaming and burst into loud wails.

“Sob… Diana! You wicked woman! You can’t be trusted!”

Based on her words, it was obvious to Julian that there indeed had been a deal between the two
women. He turned to Noel and signaled the latter with his gaze.

In the quiet morgue, a crisp slap sounded out immediately.

Noel had stepped forward and delivered the slap to Kayla.” Watch your mouth. You deserve that hit.”

But… When Noel got closer and carefully examined Kayla’s face, he noticed something peculiar. “Did
someone else hit you before?”

There was a handprint on her face that wasn’t his. Although it was somewhat hard to tell due to her
ruined makeup, it was quite evident when studied closely.

Diana immediately felt guilty; she instinctively grasped Julian’s hand and nervously picked at his palm.

When his inky eyes landed on her, she realized she had been picking at his palm instead of her own.

Well, that was kind of awkward…

Luckily, he didn’t ask anything about her nervousness. He simply accepted everything in silence.

“Noel,” he said, “step aside for a moment.”

Then, he pulled Diana forward with him to show a united front. The moment they stood before Kayla,
he raised a palm to slap her.

“Grandma passed away,” Julian told her calmly, but his voice was filled with pain and disgust. “Are you
happy now, Kayla?”

“That old hag is dead?”

Saying she wasn’t happy or satisfied would be a huge lie.

“She deserved it!” she snarled.

Ever since the failed wedding and Diana informing her that James was no longer a reliable support,
then being kept in the damn morgue by Julian’s men, Kayla had long since reached her limits.

Dissatisfaction filled her blood, and now, she finally received good news!

“It’s that old hag’s fault we were separated! Everything was because of all her lies! She deserved it!
She said I was too involved in the scandal of the fake and real heiress of the Winnington family, and
that I’d never be Mrs. Fulcher! She lied to me! That’s why I left the country! That’s how this b* tch Diana
took advantage of the situation in my absence!”

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