Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 630

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Noel threw another glance in Diana’s direction.

Upon seeing Diana looking perfectly fine, he continued describing the situation.

In actuality, Diana’s heart was gripped in shock by everything she heard.

She always knew that the Fulchers stood at the top of the food chain in Richburgh, an existence that
many envied and looked upto.

Yet she didn’t expect that in today’s society, there would actually be people who would stoop to such
extreme measures just to get into the good books of the Fulcher family.

Although those two people deserved death, the way they died…

Was overly frightening.

What was more frightening was that Julian didn’t think that this was beyond the reach of the law.

She suddenly recalled what he said about him being the law in Richburgh.

What about Kayla?

Her plight would only be worse than these people, and not better.

It wasn’t that Diana was pitying that woman.

Neither was her heart aching for Kayla.

After all, Kayla had instructed Mr. Carter to drug her food, worked with James to dig up the grave of her
babies, and even schemed to kidnap her and Grandma. Given all these wicked things she had done,

Diana would never pity her!

Conversely, Diana now felt that leaving Kayla at Julian’s mercy was the best outcome.

She would feel much better than if she had to deal with Kayla herself.

Alas, she had no choice but to protect Kayla for the time being.

“Are you done?” Julian cut Noel off.

“Yes,” Noel licked his dry lips and glanced at Julian before retreating from the room.

Before he shut the door, he looked up and glanced at Diana once more.

He had described the situation in such detail and gore, yet Madam didn’t look scared one bit. She didn’t
even blink.

How amazing!

His impression of Diana improved a tad bit as he bowed his head and shut the door behind him.

The door shut with a click.

Diana turned to look at Julian, and emphasized what she said before. “Let Kayla go.”

Julian smiled. “And then? Are you thinking of digesting what Noel just told you and doing the same
things to Kayla?”

Diana was able to do something so cruel and gory, and she did consider killing Kayla privately right
after she got her hands on her babies’ ashes.

At the same time, she was ready to pay the price in fulfilling the law.

Seeing her remaining silent, Julian was all the more certain that he had guessed what was on her
mind. “I won’t give you the chance to do so.”

He never admitted to being the good guy, and never boasted of keeping his hands clean.

Ever since the days where he was training to be Grandpa’s successor, he had relied on his brains to be
the most outstanding child amongst his peers.

He knew very clearly the intentions of those who eagerly stepped forward to do the dirty work for him.

As long as he didn’t agree to it, no one would stand to gain from it.

However, he had no reason to let Diana walk along the same cold and dark path that he did.

He would stand right in front of her and protect her while making sure that she would never get her
hands tainted with blood.

Someone like Kayla could only wilt and die in his own hands.

“I’ll bring you to see Kayla right now.” With that, Julian pressed the alarm and a trained nurse walked in,
sending him toward the room that Kayla was locked in.

No matter how much Diana screamed for him, he refused to stop.

She could only follow behind him.

The night was quiet, dark and cold.

Diana, Julian, and a line of medical staff trudged down the long hospital corridor and headed

Diana looked at the screen in the elevator. “Basement one?”

Where exactly was Kayla locked at?

What was the basement level of the hospital used for?

The carpark?

As endless possibilities filled her mind, she felt her body shiver with cold right as they entered the

The lights were dim and eerie green in color.

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