Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 629

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“Let her go.”

Diana was like a robot, repeating her words over and over again mindlessly.

Contrary to what she was saying, she was keeping tabs on the grudge between her and Kayla.

Grandma wasn’t just Julian’s grandmother. She was Diana’s grandma as well, the elder she respected
the most and one she found the most reliable.

She would never let Grandma’s death be disregarded or overlooked.

Conversely, Diana would etch all of Kayla’s wicked deeds deeply in her heart.

After the dust settled, she would settle the score with Kayla and make that woman pay the price!

“Diana Winnington,” Julian called out to her again. “Look up at me.”

He was lying on the bed and unable to pinch her chin.

Diana kept her head down, preventing him from looking into her eyes.

Such a clean pair of eyes shouldn’t be polluted by that woman, Kayla Winnington.

Diana didn’t have the courage to do as Julian asked.

Yet, Julian’s voice had the compelling authority of an emperor. As much as Diana didn’t want to look
up, she was intimidated by his aura into doing his bidding, although there was a strong hint of
indignance in her eyes.

It was like a silent complaint between lovers.

If it were in the past, Julian would certainly blow his top. But this time, he didn’t.

Instead, he chuckled when she lifted her head to look at him. He burst out laughing, as if overwhelmed
with frustration. “Tell me, what hold does Kayla have over you?”

She was stunned.

Flowers bloomed in her heart; her first thought was that Julian actually didn’t get angry with her!

Instead, he trusted her fully.

He was even able to pinpoint the core of the issue immediately.

However, Diana had promised Kayla when they came to an agreement not to tell Julian about the truth
of her saving him. That was one of the conditions for Kayla to give her the ashes.

But if Diana told Julian about the ashes and associated that with Grandma’s death, it would only
strengthen his hatred for Kayla.

That would make it even less likely for him to let Kayla go.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a good idea for Diana to tell him the truth.

She could only stubbornly repeat the same words. “Let her go.”

The more she did that, the more suspicious Julian became.

But he was no longer anxious to let Diana confess.

Instead, he kept staring at Diana until her hair stood on end. He waited until she asked him back,
“Julian, what’s the matter?”

Her fingers were intertwined with each other and her brows were furrowed, clearly telling of a guilty

She waited for his answer in a state of unease.

But Julian refused to reply. Instead, he called Noel over.

It was early in the winter, and it was in the middle of the night.

The mist was heavy outside; when Noel came in, he was shivering from the cold.

The cold air that snuck into the room made Diana sneeze.

“Have you dealt with both the driver and the kidnapper Hans, who helped Kayla?”

Noel had a murderous aura about him, unlike how he usually was.

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He looked at Julian and replied respectfully,” Someone threw Hans’s four limbs into a septic tank, so
we didn’t get our hands dirty throughout the entire process. I

simply released the news about those two. As you expected, sir, many people who are trying to suck
up to the Fulchers went eagerly to give him hell. I heard that before he died…”

Noel glanced at Diana, trying to gauge whether his words would scare her.

Julian said, “Just be frank.”

Noel thought Julian wanted to share the details with Diana to vent her hatred, so he went into all the
graphic details without holding back.

“Someone crushed every single bone in their bodies, making it impossible to pick up the pieces. Some
even squeezed their guts out of their bodies, until they looked like filthy rags on the floor. Some kicked

them off the cliff for animals to gnaw away in the middle of the night…”

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