Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 628

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Were it not for Kayla Winnington, Grandma wouldn’t have died!

It was true that even without the incident, Grandma’s condition might have been triggered. Even so,
she could’ve received the best treatment in the fastest time possible. There wouldn’t be a need to drag
things out, and she wouldn’t leave this world in such pain!

If it weren’t for Kayla, Julian wouldn’t have been stabbed!

He wouldn’t have been forced to walk down that aisle or be threatened by others!

He wouldn’t have had to worry about Diana every single day, or miss Grandma so badly in the deep of
the night!

In fact…

The fact that their babies weren’t able to come to this world had something to do with Kayla as well.

He had said it when he was grabbing onto that dagger.

The life he owed her, he would repay it with his life!

But he was lucky to survive the attack, even with the dagger piercing through his chest.

Even though he didn’t die, the debt that he owed Kayla for saving his life was completely settled.

This was what he exchanged his blood and Grandma’s life for!

How could he possibly let Kayla go?!

Yet now, the one who was requesting for him to let Kayla go turned out to be Diana Winnington!

Diana Winnington, whom Grandma doted on and loved so much!

Diana Winnington, whom he was willing to risk his life for!

His voice went hoarse, as if someone had stuffed stones in his throat. He spoke in a deep and heavy
tone, as if his throat had inexplicably tightened up, “Anyone can say that, except you…”

He couldn’t believe it.

Diana wasn’t such an ungrateful and unfeeling woman.

As for Diana, she knew what he meant.

She knew very well that her request was an insult to Grandma’s love for her.

Grandma had done so much for her, including the shares, which she didn’t let Julian find out up till now.

Yet after Grandma’s passing, she was eagerly asking her grandson to spare the enemy who had
indirectly killed her!

“I don’t care what you think of me.” Under the twofold pressure of conflicting and sorrowful thoughts
swimming in her head, Diana was on the verge of collapse. She bit her lips hard, trying to compose

“But you must let Kayla go.”

Julian didn’t speak for a full minute.

He did not respond to Diana’s request, either.

A tinge of disappointment flashed past his eyes.

Diana could sense what he was feeling, and dared not look up into his eyes.

“Diana.” After a long silence, she heard Julian sneer, “Who gave you the courage to raise such a rude
request? Do you think that because I love you, I will agree to anything you ask for? What does
Grandma, who died because of Kayla, count for?”

Julian was angry.

Very, very angry. Furious.

But like what Julian said, Diana had admitted that she was rude and unreasonable.

She didn’t have any words to refute him or comfort him and soothe his anger.

She had no right to do that.

She simply repeated herself stubbornly. “Let her go.”

Julian’s eyes were like daggers trying to pierce a hole through her.

However, Diana didn’t get upset. She understood that saying such words right after Grandma passed
away was akin to her behaving like a raving lunatic.


She wanted to get her babies’ ashes.

As for the guilt she would feel toward Grandma…

She would make it up to the old woman with the fact that she had saved Julian when she was young.

That thought made her continue shamelessly raising that request to Julian.

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