Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1357 You Should Come and See Me

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"No, he didn't, Grandma. He didn't go drinking. The medication is for his gastric issues. It's to prevent
their recurrence."

Elisa did not want Julia to worry and had no choice but to lie.

"Is that so?" Julia was not entirely convinced.

Elisa chuckled and sounded lighthearted as she said, "Grandma, how can I ever lie to you?"

"Oh dear, I must have been flustered from worry." Julia laughed and continued, "Liz, thank you for
doing this. You married him, so you know what he's like. He may seem harsh, but he doesn't mean it. I
can't help but worry about him since I'm not with him. Please help me take good care of him."

Julia sighed after saying that.

Elisa's gaze flickered. Married him…

Still, Elisa understood what Julia was getting at and did not dwell on the matter. Instead, she promised,
"Grandma, don't worry. I will take care of him."

"I have nothing to worry about then. When will you be back? I will cook up a feast and send someone
to pick you up at the airport." Julia thought it was an excellent opportunity to care for Elisa and Gareth
and bring them closer.

After all, it was possible to mend a broken relationship.

"We will be back in four days. I will inform you once we confirm our flight. Grandma, you should rest
and take your medicine. I will see you when I'm back."

"Sure, sure. I will wait for you two to come home. Please be careful, okay? I heard it's not quite safe
there," Julia said gently.

Elisa was warmed by her concern and smiled sincerely. "We will, Grandma. Don't worry, and wait for us
to come home."


After chatting for a while, Elisa finally hung up.

Then, she gave the phone back to Gareth.

Gareth furrowed his brow as he accepted the phone. "Will I recover after taking medicine for three

"Yes," Elisa replied, but her phone rang before she could say anything else.

It was an unknown number with Moranta's area code. She hesitated for a while before answering it.

The caller did not wait for her to speak and said straightaway, "Elisa Benett, do you wish to know who
tried to kill you last night?"

Elisa's expression turned cold the instant the caller said her full name.

It was because she realized the voice belonged to the masked man who had saved her last night.

"Rather than knowing who wished to kill me, I'm more curious about your identity and purpose," Elisa
responded coldly, furrowing her brow.

Elisa was distracted by worries about Gareth last night. Otherwise, she would have exposed his

Gareth's gaze gradually turned stern.

However, he remained silent.

"My identity is not important. What's important is that you should know who tried to kill you. Come find
me at this location if you wish to know."

The man hung up right after that.

Soon, Elisa received a message on her phone.

Her face turned stern as she looked at the address.

Gareth looked at her and knew she had decided.

"You can't go," Gareth said coldly.

Elisa frowned and considered briefly before replying calmly, "I have to go. I need to find out who tried to

kill me and who this person is. He wouldn't have saved me last night if he had wished to harm me.
Since he asked to meet, he likely wants something in exchange."

In life, everything comes with a price to pay. No one does something for another person for free unless
they are family or lovers.

However, I don't know the masked man, and I'm pretty sure he's not in love with me.

Gareth's expression darkened, but he knew no one could stop Elisa once she had decided.

Thus, he said solemnly, "It's dangerous for you to go alone."

"Thomas can go with me then," Elisa interrupted before Gareth could speak further.

Gareth's expression darkened. He did not retort.

Thomas noticed Gareth's unhappiness and said, "Ms. Benett, why not let Mr. Wickam accompany

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