Novel Name : The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 4218

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Harvey York squinted at Mandy Zimmer.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Mandy nodded.


Even if she could not, she would not want Harvey to help to prove her strength.

"Alright.That's good to know.Naturally, Harvey knew just how stubborn Mandy was.

"But don't force yourself if it's too hard.Just say the word, and I'll deal with it."

Maya Lee showed a scornful expression after hearing Harvey's words.

‘Not only does he talk big, he sure likes to show off a lot too Vroom! When the Porsche was on the road
with few people, a few vans without license plates appeared out of nowhere.

A couple of vans also showed up from behind, completely stopping Harvey and the others in their

Mandy and Maya showed stern expressions on their faces.

They did not know what was happening.

Clack! The van doors opened before a dozen fighters walked out with steel pipes and baseball bats in

Chloe Anderson and Sonny Lee were also seen with walking sticks.

"These b*stards! Mandy immediately figured out what was going on after seeing the two.

"Of course they'd do something like this!"

Harvey seemed indifferent.

At this point, he had been through a lot of things.

Maya immediately trembled.It was her first time seeing such a sight.

"What do we do now, CEO Zimmer?!" she asked tremblingly.

"You call the cops! Mandy was perfectly calm.

"I'll stall them! "No matter the case, I belong to the Jean family! "They'll be in deep trouble if they even
touch me!"

"They wouldn't dare! "You also stay inside, Harvey! You'll cause a bigger conflict if you go out!"

Naturally, Mandy knew that Chloe and Sonny were actually after Harvey.

Maya nodded with a pale face.She hurriedly took out her phone but soon realized that there was no

Maya showed a horrible expression on her face.She was on the verge of tears when she imagined her
being taken advantage of by the gangsters.

"You don't have to go, Mandy.Harvey patted Mandy's slender leg before smiling faintly.

"They're coming for me.I'll handle this."

"You? With what?! Maya instinctively screamed at Harvey after thinking she got into this trouble
because of Harvey.

"Stop causing trouble already! "Listen to CEO Zimmer, or we'll all go down! ‘It's already bad enough for
him to show off like this...

‘And yet he’s doing it at such a crucial moment! We'll die because of this!’ "It's fine.I can deal with a
bunch of useless filth myself."

Harvey squinted.He showed a funny smirk when he saw familiar faces in the crowd.

"You'll deal with them? Maya was boiling with anger.

"Who do you think you are?! "Enough of this! Get back inside right now! Bam! Harvey got out of the car
before closing the car door.

"This is ridiculous, CEO Zimmer! How is he so cocky?!"

Maya stomped her feet.She thought that Harvey would drag her down with him.

After all, an ordinary live-in son-in-law would not be able to handle someone who could gather this
many gangsters.

She believed that Harvey had a death wish for even stepping outside.

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