Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1952

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At the same time as Jagoan was confused, he also withdrew the wisp of divine sense that had been

Before Hans and Andre came in, Jagoan’s Divine Sense had already covered the entire teahouse.
Even if Andre’s treasures detected that someone was spying on him, Andre would not find anything
wrong with it. Because he subconsciously thought that it was normal for someone to explore him with
Divine Sense since he had come to the Ghost Kill Pavilion’s territory. Obviously, Hans and Andre did
not come here on the spur of the moment.

The moment they appeared, the shopkeeper of the teahouse went up to them and led them to the
secret chamber below.

Jagoan had already checked the three floors on the floor and two floors underground.

The shopkeeper led them straight to the second floor underground. The two Heavenly Spirit Realm
Masters of the Ghost Kill Pavilion were already waiting there.

Outside the secret chamber, there were naturally formations protecting it, preventing all prying. But for
Jagoan, this level of formation was useless.

There were a total of four Heavenly Spirit Realms on the other side, and three of them were at the third
stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm. However, none of them noticed that a Divine Awareness of a second
stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivator had already seen through them and clearly observed all their
expressions and words.

In the secret chamber, Hans was sitting opposite Andre and the two Heavenly Spirit Realm Masters of
the Ghost Kill Pavilion.

The two Heavenly Spirit Realm Masters of the Ghost Kill Pavilion were dressed normally as Ghost Kill
Pavilion cultivators. They were dressed in black magic robes and exuded a chilling air.

After greeting each other, they went straight to the point.

Hans snorted coldly and said, “The current situation is very clear. The conflict between our Ancient
Wasteland building and the Ghost Kill Pavilion was caused by someone deliberately framing us.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here today. I don’t need to say anything else.”

“It’s true that we have troubled you,” said the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm expert.

His voice rumbled like steel colliding. As he spoke, the hand under the black robe reached out and
pushed a four-sided red wooden box in front of Hans.

Hans raised an eyebrow. Sitting next to him, Andre raised his hand and a purple light enveloped it.

“Young master Bierce, you’re really careful.” That cultivator said with a loud laugh.

“The Ghost Kill Pavilion has many assassination methods. Although we believe that the person who
killed Henk was not the Ghost Kill Pavilion’s killer, not long ago, a relatively fierce conflict broke out
between the two sides. If Ancient Wasteland building has let it go, but the Ghost Kill Pavilion has not
completely let it go, we’d better be careful because of the certainty of the strength of the Ghost Kill

“What do you think?” Andre asked.

The two Masters of the Ghost Kill Pavilion did not know how to respond. These words seemed to be
praise or ridicule. It would make people feel strange no matter how they understood it. So they simply
kept silent.

By the time Andre finished speaking, he had already finished exploring the wooden box. He nodded
slightly at Hans, indicating that there was nothing wrong with the wooden box.

Hans’ eyes immediately revealed a hint of joy.

Without avoiding the others, he reached out and opened the wooden box. Suddenly, a bright red flower
appeared in the wooden box.

The flower was about the size of an adult’s palm, and its shape was similar to that of a person’s palm.
However, the stamen in the palm seemed to be a human face. If one looked carefully, he could tell the
eyes, nose, mouth and other facial features. More importantly, as the wooden box was opened, an
extremely fierce, ferocious, cruel, and bloody aura burst out from the flower!

In the depths of the flower, there seemed to be a battlefield of fighting.

The shouts of war shook the sky, and the smoke of war swept up and rose into the sky. The stars all
over the sky were shocked and fell down. Just looking at them was enough to make people tremble.

“Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower!” Hans’ voice trembled.

The Elder of the Ghost Kill Pavilion said, “The quality of this Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower is
even better than what I promised to Young Master Bierce that day. In order to cultivate such a finished
product, the responsible cultivator had caused at least 30 commanderies and Efraxs to fight.
Thousands of wars, big or small, and tens of millions of deaths. During this process, he introduced all
the killing, despair, anger, and other auras on the battlefield into the flower, and finally cultivated the
Dragon Heart Blood Flower so perfectly.”

“That’s right… I’m very satisfied…” Hans moved closer and carefully observed the blood colored flower.

He took a deep breath and an incomparably intoxicated expression immediately appeared on his face.
But then, he put the box on, and his face darkened.

He looked at the Elder opposite him and said coldly, “The flower is a good one, but why is this the only

“Just as Mr. Ballack has said earlier, the misunderstanding between the two of us has yet to be
resolved. The Ghost Kill Pavilion knows that the strength of Ancient Wasteland building is extremely
strong. Therefore, we should first deal with the villain and the gentleman behind us. As long as Young
Master Bierce can hand over all the things that we need, the remaining reward will naturally be paid
without any mistake.” The Elder coldly laughed.

Andre did not expect that the other party would take advantage of what he said just now. Instantly, a
fierce light appeared in his eyes.

Hearing this, at this time, Jagoan understood.

It turned out that the reason why Hans came here to contact the Ghost Kill Pavilion this time was
because both sides wanted to make a deal. From the current situation, it seemed like the Ghost Kill
Pavilion wanted to obtain something through Hans. Meanwhile, because of their fear of the Desolate
Ancient Building, only now did a portion of the reward appear.

After learning the information, Jagoan began to plan. At the same time, after a tit-for-tat, both sides
stepped back and reached an agreement.

“As for the things you asked for, because it is a bit troublesome, I can’t carry them with me.” Hans said,
“However, you all can rest assured. I have arranged for my subordinates to follow me all the way,
secretly escorting them. It is likely that within three to five days, they will reach this place. At that time, I
will inform you that you can go to check the goods.”

The Elder of the Ghost Kill Pavilion nodded and said, “Young Master Bierce is thoughtful and your plan
is perfect. You are indeed the talent of Ancient Wasteland building. Let’s wait here for Young master
Bierce’s news… When the time comes, as I said before, as long as the demonic beast that our Ghost
Kill Pavilion needs is not damaged at all, and its strength is also in line with our requirements, there will
be no shortage of rewards for Young Master Bierce…”

“After all, Young Master Bierce is a sensible person, and you must know that there was a
misunderstanding between the two of us, so we were injured. Now we need to work together to repair
our relationship. So, at this time, our Ghost Kill Pavilion will never do anything bad to our reputation.”

The other party’s words were full of hidden meaning.

Hans snorted coldly and said, “I hope so! We, Ancient Wasteland building, naturally do business. As
long as the other party doesn’t play tricks, we will naturally treat him sincerely.”

Jagoan on the second floor put down the teacup in his hand and blinked.

What the Ghost Kill Pavilion bought from Ancient Wasteland building is not natural precious material,
but a demonic beast?

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