Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3891

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After the previous incident, the deer was quite submissive to Jagoan now. After all, Jagoan did not give
up on it even in the situation just now. If Jagoan had not tried his best to save it, it would have died long
ago and not lived until now.

Since the deer stopped talking, Jagoan turned around silently, stretched out his hand, and slowly lifted
the coffin lid.

He was smarter this time and did not lift the lid completely but pushed it open a little just to peek inside.

To Jagoan’s surprise, the inside of the coffin was pitch-black with the same material as the surrounding

With no other choice, Jagoan could only take out the jade and put it in the coffin. He tried to use the
faint light to see what was going on inside the coffin.

After putting in the jade, he finally saw what was in the coffin.

There was nothing to be seen.

“What’s going on? Why is it empty?” Jagoan said in exasperation.

He did not expect that the owner of the ancient ruin would put an empty coffin here, which contained a
trap that almost killed him and the deer.

Jagoan was undoubtedly annoyed after wasting so much effort without gaining anything.

At this moment, the deer walked over.

The deer butted the coffin lid with its horns.

Although Jagoan had no idea what it was doing, he helped it. With the cooperation between them, the
coffin lid was quickly pushed away and fell heavily on the ground with a loud crash, leaving a big hole
in the ground.

Jagoan was a little vexed as he looked at the cracked floor.

Why use such a heavy lid for an empty coffin?

For a moment, Jagoan felt that the owner of the ancient ruin had nothing better to do.

However, the deer thought otherwise. After pushing the coffin lid to the ground, it jumped into the coffin.

“Hey, are you crazy? What are you doing? Even if you want revenge, you don’t have to do this,”
Jagoan saw the deer’s actions and said helplessly.

The deer’s voice suddenly rang in his mind.

“You idiot, there’s a treasure in this coffin, an herb. Hurry here and don‘t let it run away.”

“What? Herb? How do you know?”

Jagoan was oblivious to this. As a divine beast, the deer was born with a strong perception of natural

It did not sense this herb earlier because the wailings of the shadows were too terrifying, so it could not
pay attention at all.

When Jagoan pushed away a corner of the coffin just now, it suddenly felt a very familiar scent from the
coffin, so it pushed away the coffin lid and jumped inside.

Although he doubted the deer, his movement did not stop. He quickly rushed to the side of the coffin
and stared inside intently.

Sure enough, Jagoan saw an herb standing upright in the corner of the coffin. The herb seemed afraid
of the deer, shivering in the corner.

“There’s really an herb. Not bad, little deer…”

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